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Ayurvedic Self-Care: Get Healthy In 10 Minutes

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by Conscious Reminder

Healthy people are those that have achieved a complete harmony of their bodies, souls, and minds. Restoring that harmony is the main purpose of Ayurvedic self-care practitioners.

This is an ancient holistic healing system and not a joke. The World Health Organization or WHO identifies Ayurveda as the recommended practice on which thousands of individuals in India or beyond constantly rely themselves on it.

The Ayurvedic philosophy actually believes that our Universe is some kind of interconnected, and the energies present within it are spread throughout.

Three main bio-regulators.

In fact, the principal problems of people’s bodies are because of bio-regulators. However, Ayurveda definitely has the needed solution. It divides people’s bio-regulators in three doshas, which are ‘vata,’ ‘kapha,’ and ‘pitta.’ In fact, kapha is the one that is trying to keep people’s bodies strong, and vata is helping in breathing, while pitta is regulating the metabolism. If we can align their functions, we may be in excellent health.

Here is a ten minute of Ayurvedic self-care routine which may bring back harmony to our bodies:

Six minutes of care during the morning:

Cleaning our tongue for thirty seconds:

Only brushing the teeth will not provide us with appropriate oral hygiene. After we actually brush them, residual plaque will remain on our tongue. We should remove it using tongue cleaner, or also a brush. As the kidneys, liver, and the gallbladder remove the toxins right from our bodies, the tongue produces some of those toxins as well. It will block the energies from flowing in the proper way. That’s why we should remove them during the morning, in order to have a fresh energy burst.

Two minutes rinsing using sesame oil:

Right after we brush our teeth and clean our tongue, we should take one spoon of sesame oil, in order to rinse our mouth for about two minutes. The sesame oil is abundant in linoleum so that it fights off fungi, viruses, and bacteria, and it also keeps away plaque and tooth decay. When we finally clean our mouth, we should spit the oil out. After that, we should rinse our mouth once again, this time using warm water. This routine will take our oral hygiene seriously for sure.

Massaging ourselves for three minutes:

For this purpose, we will need items like gloves and raw silk or soft brush. 

We should massage our bodies in the proper ways, giving each part about 10 to 20 good and hard rubs. We should start with our back and neck, and after that move down, continue to our shoulders until we reach our hands, fingers, and palms. After that, we should massage our upper chest using horizontal movements of our hands. Slowly, we should move down to the stomach, massaging it right to left and bottom to top. We should take precise care of our thighs too, and move down to the knees and feet.

As practitioners claimed, massaging will get more blood flowing amount through our body. In fact, improved circulation definitely means greater energies. Every organ from our bodies is connected with our skin. This is actually a routine which is needed for our bodies.

Two minutes of care during the daytime.

Drink hot water for thirty seconds:

We should boil half a liter of water for 12 to 15 minutes. After that, we should keep the water safe and warm in a thermos. We should ensure that we take about three sips every half an hour. In fact, warm water will boost our digestion, release toxins faster, or even help energies to flow throughout our bodies.

Two minutes to relax and breathe:

We should inhale through our nose, and permit the air to stay inside for several seconds; after that, we should release it through our nose once again. We should relax because there aren’t worries in this world. When our mind keeps thinking about something bad, we should relax and let our worries melt. Hate and anger may result in diseases of various organs. When we relax and breathe in, our brain will produce happy hormones known as endorphins. We should feel satisfied with everything we have.

Two minutes of self-care during the evening.

Helping our digestion to have better dreams at night within two minutes:

We should take a small amount of sesame oil, and then heat it. After that, we should pour it right on our stomach and then massage it with gentle and slow circular movements, using our whole palm. Then, we should pour some warm water possibly on one towel and after that, put that towel on our stomach. We should wait until it gets cold, and after that, wipe our stomach. This is going to stimulate our stomach and our intestine, helping better digestion. Bad dreams and insomnia will be the product of such problems.

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