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13 Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore In A Relationship

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by Conscious Reminder

While in a relationship, it is easier to think about your partner as the most perfect human being ever.

As a result, obvious signs indicating that there’s something wrong can go unnoticed. Even if noticed, what we do with them is our choice.

Red flags are signals indicating that something is wrong, that it would be better to stay away. Sometimes, they are minor. Sometimes, though, they should be sending you running as far away as possible. Here are 13 signs that you must not ignore.

1. Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is a serious matter, no matter its severity. If your partner ever scares you or has ever physically threatened or abused you, then it is a sure NO. Do not turn back or go anywhere near that relationship.

2. Emotional And/Or Verbal Abuse

Emotional and verbal abuse are also serious red flags. Healthy relationships mean supporting and encouraging each other. Anybody who constantly blames you for being the problem is to be avoided.

3. Active Addiction

Be careful of people who are frequent binge drinkers, or are addicted to illegal substances. If you cannot leave them alone after knowing of the addiction, then ensure they are seeking official support and recovery.

4. Untreated Issues With Mental Health

Often found along with addiction are issues with mental health. Similar to addiction, it is not a certain no. But they need to be treated, otherwise, the relationship will be extremely challenging.

5. Inconsistency

Healthy relationships are not roller coasters. Inconsistent behavior means that your partner’s reliability should be questioned. Long periods without any contact or an inability to keep promises are all signs of this.

6. Possessiveness

Possessiveness can be normal as well as unhealthy. A bit of jealousy once in a while can be a good thing. But if they get angry and hostile over it, then it is a big red flag. They might be trying to isolate and control you which is wrong.

7. Narcissism

Narcissism can result in a lot of things. The things to look out for, though, are feelings of entitlement, superiority complex, shrugging off accountability, etc. These people will probably not see the real you.

8. Gaslighting

This is when a person denies the reality of another person. The victim can feel disoriented to the point they question their intuition and emotions. If you are ever told things never happened and they avoid accountability, then they are gaslighting you. They will try to make the relationship all about themselves.

9. Emotional Unavailability

Emotional unavailability can be shown in various ways. Maybe they only want to meet you at times convenient to them. They might also be reluctant to talk about their feelings. These are all hints that they are not available emotionally.

10. Belittling

This is related to emotional and verbal abuse. Be clear about how you truly feel about the person. Do they demean you or do you feel lifted in their presence? Entertaining a demeaning relationship is not usually a good choice.

11. Constant Fighting

Every relationship has arguments. But if it happens so much that you feel sad and not happy most of the time, then you should be wary of the person.

12. Anger Issues

If a person loses their temper on a dime, or their emotions change rapidly, then it indicates an inability for regulating emotions properly. In the end, it just becomes unpleasant, and frightening.

13. Unequal Output & Input

Finally, in a relationship, it is important to assess what you are putting in and what you are getting out of it in exchange. It should be equivalent from both sides. If not, then, it needs to be taken note of.

At the end of the day, listen to your gut. Otherwise, talk to those around you, and you may be able to arrive at a decision. Of course, you should check yourself as well for having any of these signs. 

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