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Here’s How You Can Prepare For The Week Of September 15 According To Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

Mars and Venus are here to rule the week. 15th-21th September 2019 is going to be an easy week overall. Here’s how the zodiacs can prepare for this week:


The first half of the week may be difficult for you but don’t worry, you will recover fast. The planets will be encouraging secrecy in your life. It would do you good to stay away from gossip mongers or potential cheaters.


Mars and Venus are preparing you for great accomplishments at work this week. As you are ready to soar high with your professional ambitions, you will be headed for a new job. Or, your current work-space would offer you great respect for all your hard work.


The planets in your chart will direct you to public projection, downplaying personal feelings. But don’t let that invalidate your needs, they are just as real. Your ruler Mercury can also bless you with the power of impression this week.


The planets are in harmony and will offer you inspiration to help you cross the barriers of normal life. But to utilize its full potential, you have to find new ways to improve yourself.


Your finances are in for a spin this week. There can be confusions, but great benefits from investments or savings are also on their way. Stay alert and don’t miss out on any bargains now.


Your life will get a bit difficult to handle this week so hold on. Only romance can offer you some respite. The upcoming lunar alignments will be in an assertive part of your chart and that will prep you up for new adventures!


Mars and Venus combine their powers to help you focus on relationships with your children and other loved ones. But remember to act how you feel and have confidence in yourself. The first half of the week can bring forth a mystery for you which will make you think of new ideas and ambitions.


Pleasure is on the cards for you this week! So let go of all your mundane burdens and have a good time now. Keep in mind though that emotional ties now could turn sour soon.


Happy family encounters and short journeys define your week ahead. Siblings will be closer than ever for the next two weeks. You can also stick with your closest buddies whom you trust blindly. If professional trouble shows up, goodwill can help clear the doubts.


A recent partnership could bring you great financial profits this week. Look out for friends who can offer you potential proposals. If you know the odds are with you, don’t hesitate to take risks.


Mars and Venus will make you irresistible to those around you this week. They look after your social life so you are in for making new friends now as well. The latter part of the week will also bring financial prosperity for you. Great week ahead!


Subtle romantic encounters are waiting for you this week. Quiet moments with your partner are coming up and a sense of mystery will only add to the charm. Pay heed to people who offer you genuine guidance and advice this week. They may help you form new beliefs by the weekend.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

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