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Is Negative Energy Present In Your Home? Here Are The Most Common Symptoms

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by Conscious Reminder

“Bad energy” or “negative energy” is used universally to describe people or situations that we do not like. Even though the term is used so much, how much do we understand it?

We cannot see negative energy, but rather feel it. The term “bad energy” is used to explain a feeling. There is no solid fact behind it. Rather, its basis is the notion that all of us are made up of the energy that we choose to keep around us.

A lot of times, people talk about bad energy as a “vibe” they feel when talking with another person, or when getting into something new. Sometimes, the people’s mood in a room can have an instant effect on the whole vibe. The vibe that is felt, bad or good, can then influence your interaction with the environment.

How To Know If Your House Has Negative Energy

Your home is ideally supposed to be a sanctuary for you. It should be where you escape, relax, and unwind from all the negativity of the day, or that saturates social media.

However, constantly feeling negative inside your home may be telling you that your house, different relationships, or you are burdened with negative energy.

Everyone can have days when their mood is bad. But that is different from having a home environment that is negative. Understanding this difference is vital. To tell the difference, here are common indications that your home has negative energy.

Constant Complaining

Some people have no idea how much of a Negative Nancy they can be. If your day-to-day communications have negativity embedded into it, then it might not be noticed at all.

Complaining results in a dangerous cycle that feeds on more complaining. This negative cycle can drag people down gradually. If it is difficult to see life’s positivity, or there is excessive complaining, then it might indicate that your life has negative energy.

One of the best examples of this is when your workday’s struggles spill over into your life at home. Wasting the time with your partner by spending hours dragging out your workday’s events is a way of letting negativity in.

Dangerous Criticism

Criticizing is nothing more than voicing your complaints about others. If you are on the receiving end of constant criticism, then it might negatively affect your self-confidence. Criticism may feel like the right thing when you say it, but words can impact people permanently.

Constantly criticizing others or yourself, and then receiving constant criticism gives rise to a toxic culture. It is very easy to lose your way in this nature of toxicity, as complaints become all you see.

Unhealthy Relationships

Your choice of partners and the nature of those relationships have to be recognized when negative energy surrounds you. Negative people will feed your bad habits. If such negative and over-critical relationships plague your home, then the effects will be felt.

The negativity can range from constant complaining to severe physical or verbal abuse.

Shifting Blame

Taking responsibility is always difficult, especially when it comes to your mental state or home. Negative environments may encourage you to blame others, instead of admitting your faults. Blaming something else reduces the need for us to change, which makes it tempting. But you are one who can best handle your home’s negativity.

Cluttered Feelings

A house that is cluttered and messy can reflect the residents’ negative energy. The surroundings at home may give rise to frustrations that produce negative energy.

The home’s energy flow is blocked by clutter and sometimes gives rise to anxiety too. Successfully identifying the sources of negative energy is the first step to dealing with it.

So, be sure to be mindful of your behavior and your relationships to figure out what is permeating such energy.

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