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Libra Season Through Dates: Powerful Shifting Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

Libra Season’s start happens at the same time as the Equinox. This makes it one of the most powerful transition points of 2021.

Libra is one of the cardinal signs which imbues it with energy to lead, start afresh, and set forth on a new adventure. This time may make us think about our current situation and any changes we may want to make.

It is the time for connecting, tuning in, and balancing our centers of energy using Mother Earth’s rhythm. Here are the most important dates for Libra Season 2021.

22nd/23rd September: Libra Season Starts Along With The Equinox

The Sun enters Libra, an air sign, after exiting Virgo, an earth sign. The specific timing will be based on the time zone, but the energy shift will be felt. Transitioning into an air sign from an earth sign makes energy travel up the spine and exit from the head’s top.

This energy can be used for exploring higher wisdom and connecting to higher realms. But be careful to not get stuck within judgmental or repetitive thoughts. The chakra of our heart can also be lit up by this season as well as our partnerships.

26th September: Mercury Goes Retrograde Within Libra

Mercury will be retrograding in Libra. Air rules Mercury, so the planet gains strength and power while in Libra. Mercury Retrograde energy can increase in intensity. As a result, we might feel a bit more mentally foggy or scattered.

Mercury going retrograde is a powerful period for listening to our subconscious and uncovering past messages. If there is any mental fog during this period then you should be pausing before moving on. The retrograde energy can be used positively and productively if we are open to receiving Mercury’s messages.

6th October: New Moon In Libra + Pluto Goes Direct

The New Moon in Libra activates a planetary line-up called a stellium. Stelliums produce a strong energy cluster, which may bring a section of your life into focus. Make sure to be attentive towards the signs being sent your way by the Universe.

Pluto will also be finally stationing directly after April on the New Moon day. This is one of Pluto cycle’s power days. Pluto rules over transformation, so it may feel like our transformative journey has reached a point of power.

7th October: Sun Meets Mars

Mars and the Sun are meeting face-to-face in the cosmos, combining the two fiery energies. The energy will be felt building up and later on in the following weeks as well.

The alignment can make us feel productive, motivated, and boost our energy inspiring us to be active. However, we should also be careful of pushing too fast and too hard, as burnout can also be manifested.

9th October: Sun Meets Mercury Retrograde

This alignment is a moment of crystallization when we may find receiving Mercury Retrograde’s messages much easier. This point of the planet’s retrograde journey can be where we start receiving and processing these messages, producing greater clarity.

10th October: Saturn Goes Direct

Saturn will be stationing directly after May. This Saturnian power day will make its energy and lessons much more impactful. Themes that were there around May’s end may come back now and find a resolution. There might also be further developments about the pandemic during this time.

18th October: Mercury Goes Direct

Mercury will be stationing directly as well and will not go retrograde until 2022. Any messages from Mercury will be known in the next few days. Patience is key and work using your intuition. Mental fogs will start lifting as the planet goes direct.

20th Aries: Full Moon In Aries

This Full Moon is intense. Days preceding the moon may be extra heated or heavy. The Aries Full Moon represents something in our life that will be ending. It might even be abrupt or harsh. Our relationships will be the focus, so it might be something regarding that.

Emotions may run extra high, so be gentle with yourself as well as others. This energy combination can be especially combative and fiery, so be careful of approaching volatile situations.

22nd October: Scorpio Season Begins

On this day, the Sun will exit Libra and enter a transformational, intuitive, and watery Scorpio.

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