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Dos and Don’ts During October’s Libra New Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

The upcoming Libra New Moon that is happening on 6th October is a time for recharging your batteries.

It will also ask everyone to think about their relationships while the Mercury retrograde is going on. Here is all the knowledge required for getting through it, and using it to your full advantage.

Do Balance Responsibilities

This new moon has everything to do with finding the perfect balance between your personal life, home, and career. Organize your responsibilities according to deadlines and importance, then focus on them accordingly. Set aside time to care for yourself.

Don’t Commit Too Much

If life has been hectic recently, then you should avoid taking on any more on your plate. This lunation is arriving to recharge your batteries. Adding more tasks might just result in burnout. So just focus on the things already there.

Do Think About Your Romantic Needs

Venus is influencing the air, so romance is present. Think about your ideal romantic relationship. This means all that you expect from the ideal partner, your sexual preferences, and your romantic purposes.

Don’t Be Impulsive In New Projects

Mercury is retrograde right now. So it is recommended to avoid making rash decisions regarding any new creative ideas for business. Use this lunation to make a proper game plan. But put off getting started on them until Mercury stations direct.

Do Give Your Friends More Time

One of the most important things on your present list of tasks to do is socializing. The October lunation is an ideal time for celebrating friendships. So make some time in your schedule for spending quality time in the company of your friends.

Don’t Get Into Drama

The cosmos has a lot of confusion right now, so it might be very easy to find yourself in the middle of drama. But the best thing, for now, would be laying low and staying out of arguments. The lunar phase reset does not need more distractions that can potentially blow up.

Do Celebrate Pleasure

Passion is running extremely high as Venus is in Scorpio, the sensual. It is a great time for exploring the sexual side of things. Indulge in all the things that are pleasurable for you. Explore the things that set alight your heart, maybe some new toys or moves.

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