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Can’t Find True Love? 11 Toxic Thoughts That Are Keeping You Single

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Do you know that there are some toxic thoughts that might be keeping you single?

Maybe it’s time to get rid of them and transform your love life!

Well, here’s a list of 11 such thoughts. Good luck!

1. “The good ones are already taken or married.”

Ah! Some of indulge in this rant about how chivalry is so dead because all the great partners have been taken by someone else. Well, let me break this argument for you. This kind of thinking only shows that you want to put the blame of your failures on someone else. Please don’t do this.

2. “Men feel intimidated by me.”

Sometimes we try to play hard to get in order to not look desperate. This might be good sometimes but if you do this all the time, you will end up alone and single. Try and take that leap of faith. Show some courage and some vulnerability. They never hurt anyone.

3. “I am a fixer-upper.”

Don’t let your past define you. Past relationships may have sucked but there is a great chance that you will find love and happiness again with someone. Try to seek that love and don’t let your past ruin your present.

4. “I’m last on your list.”

Don’t be that clingy to think that your partner owes you their whole time. That’s not fair! They certainly have things to do and all of us have our own set of priorities. Don’t try to change their priorities because you should not be running someone’s life.

5. “The silent treatment works like a charm.”

Come on! Revenge isn’t good. If someone has hurt you, try and talk it out instead of giving them the silent treatment. Most of the time resentment kills the relationship because it makes it hollow. Don’t let resentment come in love.

6. “Sex can fix it.”

No. It is not. It is important but not the most important part of the relationship. So, don’t just be with someone because the sex is great.

7. “His good looks can make up for it.”

Again. Looks are important. But don’t be with someone because that person looks good. Yes, you need to find your partner attractive but that premise of the relationship will be very shaky.

8. “Well, he is rich…”

Money may seem like an important thing but if your partner is not loyal and hard working, what good is that money? Try to be with someone who is self-sufficient and don’t ever settle with someone just because they have a lot of cash.

9. “I need to be in a relationship to feel good about myself.”

We all kinda feel that we need relationships to survive in this world. But don’t desperately and frantically look out for relationships. Try and be happy with yourself. Love yourself. Also hang out with your friends and family. Try and make meaningful relationships; love will happen when it will happen.

10. “You can’t find anyone better than me.”

Accept that you have flaws that you can work on. Don’t assume that you are the best person ever. Such egoistic behavior won’t work well in a relationship. Learn some humility and accept your mistakes.

11. “It’s nothing, don’t worry. I’m FINE!.”

When you don’t talk about emotional problems with your partner, relationships don’t work out. Don’t be that person who hides their emotions from their partner just because you don’t want to look vulnerable. Talk about how you feel; it is important!

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