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Today’s Libra New Moon Marks The Beginning Of The Season Of Magic

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by Conscious Reminder

The time has come to smell the scent of pumpkin spice, open your eyes, and get ready for the Season of Magic to start.

The first Fall New Moon on 6th October is an important chance for cleansing and starting afresh. Of course, there are also raging retrogrades. So circle the dates because every zodiac sign is going to feel the cosmic effects.

On 6th October, the Moon joins Mars, Mercury, and the Sun in Libra. Just as the Sun controls our outside personality, the Moon controls the self within us. So expect Libra’s effects on both parts of yourself.

Similarly, Mars and Mercury being in Libra mean your communications and passionate emotions will also be influenced by Libra. Finally, the current Mercury retrograde means this astrological combination is unusual, to say the least.

Retrogrades And The New Moon

October’s first week might feel like walking on quicksand. The fault lies with the planets. There are 6 retrogrades happening at the same time, which includes the last Mercury retrograde for this year. Making progress in our plans or seeing the future clearly may be difficult because of this.

But on 6th October, Pluto will station direct as the Libra New Moon rises. Together, they bring the energy of a fresh beginning. On 18th October, Mercury and Jupiter will station direct as well. At this point, logistical matters, communication, and thinking should become much easier.

Libra’s energy has everything to do with balance. It asks us to look at things from all perspectives, and find the middle ground. The gift of Libra is balancing the scales for everyone so that no one feels their share is unfair.

The October New Moon also marks our entry into the land of the Dead. The year’s death starts from now. Darkness will grow deeper until the Light returns when the Winter Solstice happens.

The Western culture paints death as frightening and unwelcoming. However, the Natives know that Life’s other face is Death. Having the strength to face death is important for getting through the start of rebirth and death.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Death

As the Year’s Wheel arrives at the Death’s Holy Season, we must be honorable to the life cycle and welcome death through our doors. We will have to release our personal as well as cultural fear regarding death. Some of our habits that have ceased to sever any greater good must be let go now.

Betrayals, anger, fears, addictions – all had a lesson for our soul. Now, during this October New Moon, release the emotions holding us back with regards to death. Only the fear of death stops us from believing in the possibilities of new life and an unimagined beauty.

New Moons are also important for new beginnings and initiation. It is commonly believed that whatever seed you plant now grows along with the moon. So it is a great time for making wishes, intentions, promises, or vows.

New Moons are also great for planting intentions and ideas. Just like the actual seeds, these ideas will bring fruit during the full moon while they gestate in the darkness before that.

Farmers knew about this. They began planning their seeding and harvests with regard to lunar cycles. Over time, they noticed that seeding at the time of a new moon was best.

The magic of the New Moon is all about starting afresh, beginning projects, initiating new relationships, and starting new routines. It is a time for hope, optimism, and faith as well. Energy-wise, it is important as well since it will set the pace of the whole lunar cycle.  

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