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Tonight, Expect the Spectacular Blue Supermoon in Pisces to Take You Into the Deep Waters of Your Emotions

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by Conscious Reminder

A Super Full Moon in Pisces will occur on August 30/31, 2023. Because it is the second Full Moon of the month, it is also known as a Blue Moon.

Blue Moons are extremely rare, occurring only once every 2.5 years or so, making their presence something we should be aware of.

The presence of two Full Moons in the same calendar month indicates a large surge of release energy. Something in our lives may end, such as a relationship, a job, a trauma, or psychic energies that are not ours to carry.

Whatever is released during this special Blue Moon, we are likely to be changed. We will almost certainly be left with some new empty space in our lives. While the emptiness of this space may be unsettling at first, it holds the promise and potential of something new sprouting from it.

The cosmic weathers, on the other hand, indicate that we will have to wait a little longer for this new sprouting to begin, as there will be a strong wave of retrograde energy coming in.

The Pisces Blue Moon and Six Retrogrades                                                               

When a planet appears to be moving backward from our perspective here on Earth, it is said to be retrograde. Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto will all be retrograde during the Pisces Blue Moon.

While having a few planets in retrograde at the same time is not uncommon, having six is definitely a rare treat! Furthermore, Mercury and Venus retrograde can be a potent combination.

Retrograde energy causes us to reflect on the past. It is time to reflect rather than move forward. On the surface, strong retrograde energy can cause delays, miscommunications, and mishaps, as well as make us feel uneasy. We may feel as if we are going in circles or as if we are unsure of ourselves or what is next.

While the sheer amount of retrograde energy can muddy our outer world, our inner world can be our refuge. Indeed, during periods of strong retrograde energy, our inner world can serve as a compass.

Society does not prioritize stillness, patience, and being in a state of non-action, but the Universe’s strong retrograde energy beckons us to adopt some of these states.

This strong retrograde energy invites us to go within, to connect with our inner world, and to recognize that we contain a wealth of wisdom.

Journaling, meditating, and taking walks in nature are all excellent ways to calm the mind and enter the heart of the body. Because Pisces rules the feet, walking meditations can be an excellent way to channel this energy. Strong retrograde energy can also sharpen our intuition and psychic senses, making it easier to work with these natural gifts.

The energy is available to us, but we must make the decision to use it. We must be the ones to take the first step toward stillness, trusting that our patience will eventually lead us to the correct next step.

The Pisces Full Moon will help us on this journey. It contains gentle, sensitive vibrations that will allow us to travel within and truly listen to our inner voice. Our dreams may become more prophetic, or the Universe may send us clearer signals. We may even receive visits from our departed loved ones or angels.

There is a magic in the air under this Blue Pisces Moon, so be open to what it has to offer, even if you are in the midst of a cleansing or releasing process.

The Pisces Blue Moon Cleanses the Aura

The Pisces Blue Moon is an excellent time to cleanse our energetic bodies and release any heaviness from our auric field that is not ours to bear.

We can pick up psychic muck and debris from our surroundings, and this Full Moon would be a powerful time to tend to our auric fields.

Our intention is everything when it comes to energy cleansing. You don’t need any special equipment; all you need is the will to succeed. A ritual can help to solidify this intention, so try these aura-cleansing tips or simply trust your intuition.

Because this is the second Full Moon of the month, we may return to the first Full Moon of the month. This occurred on August 1st, during the sign of Aquarius. If you think back to this Full Moon, you may notice that events from that time will reoccur under this Pisces Full Moon.

Both of this month’s Full Moons have also been Super Moons, which means they are close to Earth and will be felt strongly.

If you experienced a significant event in early August, you may find that this second Full Moon of the month brings greater closure or illumination to help light your path.

The Pisces Blue Moon and Venus Direct

A few days after the peak of this Blue Moon, Venus stations direct after being retrograde since mid-July. Venus Retrograde is a powerful energy we have been working with and can trigger issues around our relationships, money, self-worth, and values.

If these themes have been prevalent in your life since July, this Full Moon may help things to reach their climax point so they can finally be resolved and completed by the time Venus stations direct on September 3-4.

It is likely with the clearing energy of this Full Moon, that a relationship or money issue could be cleared for us. We may find a relationship needs to fall away in order to create more peace and balance in our lives.

At its core, Venus Retrograde creates a path towards greater love, so whatever happens, keep this in mind. Know that showing love can sometimes take the form of saying yes, but it can also take the form of saying no.

The Blue Moon and Saturn in Pisces Together

Saturn, which is also retrograde in Pisces, is extremely active during the Pisces Full Moon. Saturn first went retrograde in June, so issues from that time period may resurface under the Blue Moon.

As you can see, there is a lot of energy circling, making it difficult to tell what is what! However, whenever Saturn is present, our task is to look for responsibility. Saturn wants us to step up and take charge of our lives and whatever is bothering us.

It does not want to blame us, but it does want us to accept responsibility for everything that is going on. When Saturn is involved, there is no room for playing the victim. Saturn wants us to accept what is and move forward with finding a solution by accepting responsibility.

Saturn is also the master of setting boundaries, so we may need to set some as a result of this Full Moon. These boundaries could be related to the release work we’re doing from the Full Moon and the relationship or money work we’re doing from Venus Retrograde.

All three of these energies are likely to converge, resulting in a hazy mess for us to wade through!

The Pisces Blue Moon Brings Soul Transformation

One thing to keep in mind is that a Pisces Full Moon assists us in connecting with our emotions and sensitivities. It allows us to express ourselves and channel that expression into something larger than ourselves.

While this may seem difficult to grasp in the midst of these energies, this Full Moon provides us with an opportunity to reconnect with our true selves, clear away what is no longer serving, and make room for something more aligned.

The path to get there may feel tumultuous and rocky; we may feel challenged by the Universe on multiple levels. But, as the energies settle and we catch our breath, we will notice the transformation.

This Blue Moon is bringing about soul transformation on both a personal and collective level. We are living in pivotal times with extraordinary energetic frequencies.

We’re paving the way to a better way of life one step at a time, or rather, one Full Moon at a time.

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