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12 Amazing Tattoos For The Spiritually Minded

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Tattoos are perceived not only as the way to adorn the body but as the way to convey certain ideas. Different nations and religions consider tattoos in various ways, but all agree that they have a symbolic meaning and may serve as a talisman.

Tattoos for spiritually minded people may be different: birds, images of deities, animal tattoos, and a koi fish tattoo. However, there are symbols, which people choose more often for the expression of the inner world and a spiritual growth. So, if you are striving to have the tattoo with a deep meaning, consider these examples.


“Om” is the most significant word in Sanskrit, it signifies the song of the universe, with which everything begins and ends. It has several meanings:

  • An infinite source of knowledge.
  • The essence of the carnal existence.
  • The connection of personal energy with the universe.

25 Indian Spiritual (ॐ) Om Tattoo Designs 2021 | Styles At Life


This symbol represents the hand of God. It is depicted either with fingers apart or closed together. Usually, the hand with the eye stands for power, protection, and confidence, but in major religions, it acquires additional meanings.

  • In Christianity, Hamsa symbolizes femininity and kindness since it is associated with the hand of the Virgin Mary.
  • In Islam, this sign indicates the hand of Fatima. Besides, it embodies five pillars of Islam.
  • In Judaism, it reminds people that God is present everywhere in the world. Also, this symbol may represent five books of the Torah.


A lotus is a complex and meaningful tattoo design, the denotation of which changes due to the religion, the depiction, and the color. Religions see this symbol in several ways.

  • In Hinduism, the lotus is a sacred plant, it personifies purity, beauty, spiritual development.
  • In Buddhism, this flower symbolizes the Eightfold Path, also, it renders diverse meanings due to the color of the flower: a blue lotus signifies the advantage of the spirit over wisdom. A pink lotus is the flower of Buddha and a red one is connected with compassion and love.
  • In Eastern cultures, it is the sign of rebirth and spiritual enlightenment.


A cross has been always connected with faith, spirituality and the cyclicity of life. The meanings are:

  • Christian crosses mean death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They are reminders of Christian faith.
  • An ornate Celtic cross embodies eternal love.
  • A tribal cross points out courage and dedication.
  • The Egyptian cross means wisdom and femininity.


A heart tattoo suits compassionate, kind and generous people. Depending on the style, they may convey diverse meanings:

  • Love for God and the world – in Hinduism, it is the House of Brahma, in Christianity, God lives in the hearts.
  • Sadness and loss.
  • The reflection of the inner world. In Islam, a heart pattern discloses person’s soul and mind.


This symbol represents tranquility and peace. Also, it may signify:

  • Freedom, love and loyalty and be the part of a hippie culture.
  • Anti-war attitude.
  • The connection between the world of memories and real life.


It has always been the symbol of divine providence and spiritual awakening. In India, it is the sign of the person, who is able to see the true nature of all things. In Buddhism, it refers to the Eye of Buddha, so-called “Third Eye”, which means wisdom. In Christianity, it is called “An Eye of God” and symbolizes God’s mercy.


Ganesha is a revered Hindu deity, which is the symbol of spirituality. He is the symbol of New Beginnings. Besides, he is the Lord of success and he embodies the ability to overcome obstacles. Many people see him as the destroyer of selfishness and pride.


The Buddha denotes meditation, serenity, and solitude. He represents boundless love and compassion for everyone. Often, the Buddha is depicted with lotus flowers, this combination means that the person wants to leave the material world and reach a transcendent state. Such depictions as Buddha’s face and the laughing Buddha are also popular.


The meaning of this tattoo depends on the paired elements. But the most recognizable are:

  • Half-moon conveys the idea of the duality of the human nature and life.
  • Full moon indicates changes, insanity.
  • Blue moon marks special periods and accomplishments.
  • Crescent moon design is about deep power, energy, and strength.

Thus, get inspired by these amazing tattoo designs and let them be the reflection of your thoughts, dreams and your inner state.

11. Semicolon

Chances are you have noticed this trend going around as it is one that caught like wildfire. The semicolon is symbolic because while you the author of your life could choose to end your sentence you chose not to. Meaning you could give into this cruel world or your mental illnesses and kill yourself but you chose not to.

Why semicolon tattoos are giving hope and breaking down stigma | Stuff.co.nz

12. God is Greater

This is a set of symbols that are supposed to work as a reminder that God is greater than the highs and the lows or even the ups and the downs.

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Erik March 23, 2019 - 12:14 pm

It’s very disrespectful to use The Buddha as a tattoo. This is according to the Buddhists themselves. In Thailand, they have big billboards urging people to stay away from doing this.


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