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Venus Is In Sagittarius And Your Love Life Is About To Get More Interesting

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by Conscious Reminder

First, our relationships were targeted by Mercury Retrograde. Then, the Libra New Moon wanted us to seek balance in partnerships.

Now, on 7th October, one more astrological transit has taken place that affects our romantic lives.

The Affection and Love planet Venus had exited Scorpio and entered Sagittarius, the adventurous. This means a more playful and lighter vibe in our relationships until 5th November.

For Venus, the Sagittarius placement is fiery and fun. Moreover, the change is welcome after the intense time Venus had in Scorpio. Our approach towards love (committed or just mingling) will become more light-hearted and carefree.

This energy may be the much-needed trigger for reaching the next phase in our relationships or refreshing our partnerships.

The Venus Transit Will Bring Big Changes In Love

Almost immediately as Venus enters Sagittarius, it will form a conjunction with the moon’s south node. This is one of the most certain indicators that changes are approaching. Romantic relationships which expire will come to a sudden end.

People who are destined to be together will happen to meet and connect. If there’s something calling you to get out of a relationship that has lost its shine, or hesitating about dating someone you met online, then listen to your intuition. Your intuition’s answer right now is most probably your destined move.

Apart from influencing destiny, this Venus transit might be the spark required to reignite your romance. The mantra of Sagittarius is that “more is more”. So, there may be a surge of potential suitors and partners in the dating scene.

Also, Sagittarius tends to try out new stuff. As such, this is a great time for being adventurous when it comes to dating. After all, no one knows what’s waiting for you out there.

Also, keep in mind that being spoiled for choice does not mean ghosting is valid. Sagittarius has a flaky reputation because of being mutable.

Consequently, close the DMs or text threads that are not going to go anywhere – be clear, compassionate, honest, and direct. This might require more effort, but you do not want Sagittarius’ shadow side coming back and haunting you. The key is being honest and open.

This Transit Will Be For Treating Yourself

For the committed ones, use Sagittarius’ adventurousness and plan a getaway or a date for the weekend with your other half. Make more meaningful memories, go to new places, and try new stuff. This might just revive the feelings of your honeymoon.

As for the ones who are single, this may not be a good time for settling down, despite the deluge of suitors. The deluge may be difficult for lovers who are looking for something serious.

Venus in Sagittarius does not like heavy emotions, possessiveness, and emotional drama. Rather than plan romantic outings, Sag’s energy will be better used for letting loose with friends for you. Who knows who you will meet?

The carefree nature of Sagittarius’ energy can have you babble a lot more, so be more thoughtful about what you say. We might accidentally say hurtful or inappropriate words.

On 26th October, this will have a higher chance of happening as Neptune and Venus form a square. It will make communication particularly nonsensical and confusing. The truth might become difficult to locate, adding to our anxieties and paranoia.

Overall, be prepared for a month filled with adventure. Make wise use of this time by being easy-going and carefree.

The year has been tough, so you can treat yourself to this much at least. Our final advice is that the best adventure takes place is when you fall in love with yourself. 

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