Your 2022 Horoscope Is Here: What The New Year Has In Store For The Zodiac Signs

by Conscious Reminder

2022 is a bit less than a week away. The last two years have been tough, what with the unprecedented scale of the pandemic.

We are still navigating through its effects. 2022, however, should be a welcome encouragement to bet our best selves. Additionally, we will also be asked to push harder to change global policies.

The New Year will be about finding yourself, your community, and then sticking with your principles. Here is how the year can be expected to play out for the different zodiacs:


The start of the year can have some financial frustrations due to Venus Retrograde. But, it should be reversed in May. Moreover, Jupiter, the planet of luck, will enter Aries this year, blessing your career and love life. This year will be ideal for going first.


The Venus retrograde should not be a reason to be feeling down. Rather, the Eclipses are shifting to a new axis: the Taurus-Scorpio one. There will be important changes, however, they are all helping you attain your destiny.


Your desirability is not going down, so make sure about the emails you send at work as well as the people you are sexting. However, with the entrance of Ceres, your concern will shift towards family life and home instead of parties.


Be sure to put in double the effort when it comes to self-care in 2022, particularly at the time of the eclipses. Their energy can leave you paranoid. But 2022 won’t be all stressful. The latter 6 months should bless your financial matters and love life.


This year, you will be getting a lot of the things you so dearly want. The spotlight is always going to be on you, so be sure to have time for cat naps. Your world will be shaken by 2 solar eclipses which will be hectic but transform things for the better.


Sometimes, you need some time to yourself. This year, with Mercury’s variety of locations, you need to focus more on self-care. Don’t be afraid to retreat as it will not doom you to lonesomeness. This year can have blessings and surprises regarding your romantic life.


The Venus retrograde can make you feel that your shine has dimmed. However, that is not the case. All you need to do is re-establish your targets for money and love. Because, by the time 2022 ends, you will be feeling like the shiniest person on the planet.


The chaotic eclipse moments will be exerting a bigger influence since they will be on the Scorpio-Taurus axis. But, if you manage to endure these periods without picking a fight, then you will be reborn when the year ends.


During the latter part of the year, Jupiter will be going retrograde. This will force you to confront your life’s false narratives. This can also include blocking the phone number of your toxic former lover.


Saturn, your ruler, will enter Aquarius. This means that your priority will need to be yourself. Think about how much happiness is real, and what parts are derived from others’ opinions. Answering that will be your goal for 2022.


You are the zodiac’s rebel and you are tasked with fighting injustice. 2022 will see everyone else attempting to reach your level. However, do not forget to take care of yourself while you are saving the world, especially your love and money.


In 2022, you will finally find some effective and healthy methods of managing anxiety and stress. Mercury will push you towards being independent while the Neptune Retrograde will get rid of the losers that are in your address book.  

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