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To Every Woman Who Has Ever Lost Herself To A Narcissistic Man

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Every girl probably loved some man so immensely, naively and strongly that she believed she is the lucky one for finding him and that he will be her life partner forever. Also, there are some who loved the completely wrong person, but they strongly believed he is the real one.

So, this probably happened to every girl. Here, we will tell you about one that fell in love with the wrong guy, and after him, everything else started slipping through her fingers.

Also, after him, she heard of happiness only in stories, and she never felt it. But, sadness was coming to her in waves. She was overwhelmed because of the emotions brought back my memories.

For some time, she was wondering if she will have the ability to understand the real meaning of her life again. She asked if she will succeed in balancing her life once again, or if she will have the ability to love someone until the rest of her life.

She explains how she was a happy woman, and she was grateful for everything she had. She enjoyed life, smiling and laughing every single day, and going to bed with enthusiasm.

However, dating a narcissistic person changer her. She was not even the half of the person she has been before because of him. Enthusiasm turned into fear and happiness turned into anxiety.

For some time, she was ashamed because she let him change her. Also, she was ashamed of who she became, but most of all, she was embarrassed because she permitted him to get everything good from her.

She trusted him, as he made her believe him. Also, he did his best in order to convince her that he guards her back and even that he is the right for her. He was making promises constantly, and she waited for him to keep his promises.

Moreover, he made her feel safe like she can call him anytime to rescue her and he would come no matter what. For some time, she believed he had been her safe haven.

However, he was not even close to it. When she let her guard down, he managed to accomplish his mission as she was completely unprotected from all those attacks, as she never felt that they would come one day.

She loved him with her whole heart, but he succeeded in making her the prisoner of her own love. She was with him as she believed he loves her too. She was a believer in love always. She even thought she found her other soul, but he was not the right one.

She lost herself to a narcissist, and she stopped believing she is worthy or that she deserves love. Her self-worth and confidence disappeared. She let the selfishness of her partner to be the winner, and she also permitted him to blame her for every single thing.

However, in the end, she succeeded in finding herself once again. She became her old self once again. And from all this she received the most significant lesson in life.

She explains that she would have never allowed being manipulated her whole life. According to her, that would have been his victory, and she couldn’t allow that to happen.

She decided to pick up herself and start collecting her broken pieces one after another. Now, she is leaving her house with her head held high as nothing bad happened to her.

He just walked over her so many times, so she had to demonstrate him his way out of her life.

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