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Ignoring Your Emotions Does More Damage Than Good

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

By the time most of us reach adulthood, we tend to suppress our emotions.

Be it negative reactions to the emotions we expressed in childhood, or the outcome of such expressions we notice in other adults, something tells us we need to ignore our emotions. But does that really help in the long run?

Sure, ignoring a disturbing person helps you maintain your calm, but the situation is not the same always. Each time we shut ourselves up emotionally, we take a step towards loneliness, guilt, and even stress. Unless we find healthy ways of processing our emotions, we will always feel alienated from the self.

The internalization of “suck it up” starts quite early. You’re a boy, you shouldn’t cry. Don’t create a scene here. Just get over it. Yes, we have heard them all. But the price we pay for paying heed to such reactions is far greater than we realize. We end up disconnecting from the very emotions that make us who we are.

Are you Disconnected from your Emotional Self?

When we start repressing our true emotions, we lose touch with the things that triggered those emotions. Unless we can trust our feelings, how will we trust ourselves? We turn self-critical, our self-confidence goes down the drain.

This leads to stress, agony, anxiety, and so on. A bubble of sadness surrounds us, but we fail to understand what causes it. When we are so far away from our true selves, from our true emotions, we need something else to fill the void. And addictions crop up.

The Gift of Emotions

All of us need to understand that our true emotions are the best gift we have. When you embrace your feelings, you embrace your soul. The world has developed at a rapid pace, but it is our emotions that keep us grounded.

If you want to align with your higher self, you have to let go of self-doubt. You have to embrace your true self that is formed from your true feelings. The emotions we feel show us our true desires, they are our morals. When you can align with your emotions you’ll be aligned with your higher self.

How To Reconnect?

If you finally understand how much it costs you to suppress your emotions, this is what you need to do next. You need to embrace your honest feelings and express them accordingly. Journaling is a great tool to reconnect with yourself.

This is one place you can express yourself freely, without anyone judging you. The more you see your thoughts out on the paper, the better you begin to understand them. This gives you clarity about your emotions, and you can find better ways to deal with them.

Not just journaling, any creative activity helps us understand and express ourselves better. Try painting or singing if writing is not your thing. Being in nature also helps us understand ourselves. Go for a nature walk, even if it is just in your backyard.

The better you manage your emotions, the better you can understand what causes it all. Start reconnecting with yourself with better self-expression.

Be at peace with your inner self, you will find peace and harmony all around you.

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