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The Spiritual Significance Of The Aquarius New Moon In February

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon in February will crest deep in the night of January 31st PT and early on February 1st ET. This Aquarius new moon will offer us an opportunity to have a clean slate as we begin the new month.

Furthermore, for those following PT, it is also going to be a “black moon” – a term given to a month’s second new moon. Whatever be your time zone, this new moon’s spiritual meaning will be helping us construct a new outlook with innovation as the basis.

A New Moon marks the starting of the lunar cycle in the month. As such, the new moon’s vibes are focused on renewal.

It is especially auspicious for setting intentions, manifesting energy, and starting projects. Furthermore, since it happens in Aquarius, this lunation’s meaning is heavily focused on charging towards a more empowering future.

This lunation will be a chance to look outside our boxes to embrace the unknown.

What Is The Aquarius New Moon’s Spiritual Meaning?

Innovative and independent, the New Moon in February will be about doing away with the status quo while making new guidelines for ourselves. The zodiac energy of Aquarius is unconventional, free-thinking, and rebellious.

So the lunation will make us embrace our unique weirdness and connect with others via the. Additionally, Aquarius’ collaborative powers will inspire us to look away from personal dramas to invest in our collective future’s power.

During this lunation, both the moon and the sun will be aligned with each other. This will add sturdiness to our unconventional goals. The connection with the moon will make our resolve stronger and provide encouragement to break social expectations. We will be asked to go about doing things more progressively.

Moreover, this lunation will also mark the beginning of the Lunar Year. It will herald the Year of the Water Tiger according to the Chinese zodiac. Astrologers say that this energy will be associated with bringing about massive changes, welcoming new adventures, and having more fun in general.

It will be ideal energy to break with the old while inviting the new. We will be asked to build foundations that will be aligned with the self we are attaining. Regardless of whether we celebrate the Lunar Year, the Aquarius new moon is glittering with the promise of radical change.

Working With The Energy Of The New Moon

This is the perfect time for examining the errors when it comes to personal dogmas. We must be willing to shake up habits as well. This lunation will be an amazing chance for breaking negative patterns to start afresh.

Aquarius energy will ask us to work for a world that is better. However, before we can change our future, we must exit our comfort zones and modify our present. It will be an ideal time for journaling about things that are blocking you from being authentic.

While this lunar energy is extremely focused on moving forward, we might still have some work to do about issues that we thought were over. This is because Mercury retrograde has not yet ended.

But, it will offer us a chance to start over. Think of it as another chance to do something correctly. The chance can appear suddenly during this auspicious lunation. So, try not to let past fears or mistakes haunt you. Rather, use the energy of breaking chains of the lunation to take one more shot at your goals. 

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