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The Concept Of Karma, Soul Choice And Infinite Expansion

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Human beings have a natural urge to see everything that there is to see in this life and do something unique that will last well after they are gone.

The concept of Karma is widespread and popular. Several religions have adapted it to fit in with their notions of sin and the penalties we need to pay for them. The knowledge of it weighing down on us is in itself a form of punishment.

But this is only one way of looking at it. Varied interpretations exist.

The Mystics tell us that there is always a cause and an effect. This is the very foundation of our reality and our consciousness and hermits everywhere will tell you the same.

When we become a part of the all pervading wisdom, we will see that karma isn’t the soul penalizing itself but rather an attempt at expansion.

Trying to experience everything, even failures and mistakes are only chances for us to expand our learning.

This is something that continues throughout each lifetime. When you clear your karma, you can ascend to a higher level of consciousness that is free from all constraints.

Till you break free, you’ll be stuck in the same old pattern of births and deaths, without much difference in each life.

You need to find out how to expand in the life that you are living now and keep pushing on despite all the challenges that you face.

Whenever you feel like you’re stagnating because of some hurdles just move on to something else.

Struggling with the same issue for too long will only energize it so just turn away from it and focus on the vastness of the Universe.

Let your radiant self rise out of the turbulent seas of life and run like a rippling brook. In the beginning, you will think that it is coming from some higher plane but you will soon realize that it is coming from inside you. Integrate and consolidate yourself.

Find the divinity that exists within and everywhere. Don’t think that you are a victim of destiny. Take destiny in your hands and you’ll realize all that you can do. Make love the foundation of all that you do and share it with the world.

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