This Is How The Aquarius New Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

by Conscious Reminder

The unique Aquarius energy will be reaching its peak during the new moon in February 2022.

As such, it is also a “black moon” – a name given to a month’s second new moon (in some places).

This lunation is especially powerful for setting intentions. So here is all you need to know about it according to your zodiac to take full advantage of it.


This new moon will be auspicious when it comes to friendships. Take the first step to making meaningful plans involving your friends’ group. The time is ideal for building communities and strengthening the bonds of friendship.


The dark moon is illuminating your life at work. Now is the time to get started on fresh things if you have been hunting for new jobs or are about to begin a new project. You will do well to go beyond your comfort zone.


Mercury, your ruler, is finally going to stop retrograding. So, during the new moon, you will have a serious urge for moving forward and adventures. Use this mentally motivating boost to make travel plans for the spring or get around to start studying that interesting subject.


The lunation will be an innovative and introspective one for you, heightening your intuition. So it is the best time to have faith in your instincts. Follow your gut when it comes to someone or any particular project.


A relationship that may become very important is currently forming. Be on the lookout for possible sparks in both business and love. The time is absolutely gorgeous for making commitments and planning for a future together.


Your wellness rituals need a bit of reworking right now. Use the new moon energies to reset how and when you practice self-care. Try giving more time to habits that are healthy. This can be picking up some fresh produce or joining group exercise classes.


You may find your vibrations to be more romantic than usual as the new moon will be filled with excitement for you. This is especially because Venus, your ruler, will be ending its retrograde on January 29th. So, this will be the time for getting that flirt on and setting up some date nights.


The lunation’s collaborative energy will be inspiring you to connect with your friends who you feel are as good as family. Surround yourself with those that make you feel comfortable and at home. It will be refreshing for you.


The new moon will be giving you the energy and everything else that you need to start correcting things that have gone astray because of Mercury Retrograde’s final weeks. You will be receiving a boost in mental alertness. Its best use will be to connect with friends, finish errands, and find a new groove for your daily life.


You may have had an exceedingly slow start to 2022 because both Mercury and Venus Retrogrades were in your sign. However, the steady and light new moon will help in bringing everything back on track.


Happy birthday, Aquarius. The new moon will have a fresh sparkling start on offer for you. It will be important for you to be confident during this time and embrace your unique eccentricities. Aim for the skies, right now.


The new moon will be great for launching your intentions using a ritual into the Universe. Spend some time writing out what you wish for during this new moon. Meditate on them, or speak aloud positive affirmation into a mirror.

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