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Super Blood Moon Horoscope: The Universe Is Sending Good Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

On January 21st, we experience the Full Blood Super Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. The moon will be the closest to the Earth at this time, which is why it is called a Supermoon.

The moon interacts with our emotional side and being a Supermoon, it is going to intensify all the inner energies that we hold. Not only is it going to bring our emotions to the surface, but it will also heighten our instincts. This is the time for looking inside and becoming united with who we are from the inside.

These are some of the ways in which the Blood Moon will be affecting us:


You have always been called fearless. People may have told you to tone down your ambitions and attitude, but in this period, it will be best for you to do the opposite. Accept your inner creative and passion, and see how it will lead you down the route for success.


As the Earth sign, you are stable and solid making you a support for many others. But you also have a sensitive side which remains hidden. Pay attention to it and look carefully inside to find out what makes you happy. Soon you will come to understand where your focus should be.


If you ever needed the motivation to speak out, this is your time. You will gain some inspiration during this period – formulate an idea and then throw it out into the world. Do not keep it to yourself. Use the energy of the blood moon and present it to the world so that they could benefit because of your creation.


As an emotional sign, you have always cared for others. The Blood moon is bringing you the much-needed boost so that you could spread out your care to the people you love. Offer guidance and be open so that they can reach out to you and you can give them the unique advice that only you could form.


Leos are said to be high on self-love, but that is not always true. The blood moon comes as proof as it is your self-love that will be affected during the blood moon. Don’t lose yourself – just look inside and trust your guts. Find out in what ways you are talented and put your energy into it.


You were selfless for some time, doing a lot for someone else. It’s a really admirable quality but do not forget yourself completely. Try to balance it out – attend to your intuitions and nurture it as well. You need Yourself too.


The blood moon will bring an external shift for you. You have been focussed on your dreams and ambitions and have been racing to make them your reality. But as you dash forward, you will open your eyes and see the people who surround you. Maybe you will be able to connect with someone who has the same views and ambitious spirit that you keep within yourself. Don’t miss that opportunity to connect.


You need to find real happiness. You may have been searching outside for the true happiness but stop looking outside of yourself. You have all the things necessary to be happy present within you. You need to look inside and find where it is buried.


Your love for adventure and excitement will be sparked by the new moon. If you want to go out on an exotic adventure or commit to a new plan, this is the time to open your heart and bring your plans to fruition.


You love to work hard and try to make your goals a reality, but sometimes, it’s better to pause and look deep within. You may discover new avenues which you could take or on which you need to work to evolve. Find the balance within you,


You have immense self-assurance that you do not need to look at the world around you. But that’s exactly the reason why you might have missed noticing someone who cares for you deeply. Acknowledge it, and believe that they will play a significant role in your progress in life.


You love the world, carry a great personality and have an addiction to try and make your dreams a reality. Embrace everything. You will become an inspiration, even if you don’t realise it yet.

The Blood Moon brings the much-needed balance between our inner self and the outer world. It forces us to look within and learn more about ourselves to become a well-rounded human being. Be one with yourself.

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