Push Your Boundaries And Leave The Comfort Zone

by Conscious Reminder

We all listen to motivational speakers or reads inspirational quotes. However, in order to have the ability to understand ourselves and our boundaries, we will have to do something more than simply reading some quotes.

For example, we cannot simply watch a person who is motivated and then copy paste his or her motivation. It is just something which only we can understand for ourselves. Pushing ourselves out of our zone of comfort is actually imperative to our personal growth.

Every human being is determined to take some risks or make the things complicated. However, this is entirely natural and healthy. But, it can also be a hard balance we should learn – keep a balance between taking the risk for which we took into consideration the outcome or not being so attached to its outcome. In order to learn more about ourselves, we have to challenge ourselves and embrace, as it is definitely the most beautiful and rewarding feeling.

“It’s ok to be scared. Being scared means, you’re about to do something really, really brave.”

What can actually prevent spiritual growth or evolution in us is complacency. When we are never questioning ourselves or know what we really want in our life, we will never indeed be our unique selves. We have to feed our soul because sometimes it may get tired of simply ‘being.’

So, here are different ways we may use to break our zone of comfort:

  1. We have to smile to everyone: We believe that one of the best things in this world is being nice to one another. We should tell strangers in our head that we love them on a daily basis.
  2. We should be entirely alone with our thoughts: Sometimes, this can be really uncomfortable as our thoughts may shock us. However, it is quite essential to release our emotions, as it is quite a healthy manner of getting to know ourselves.
  3. We should do something we think we will not be good at. In that way, we may surprise ourselves, and we may also enjoy that.
  4. We should go to dinners on our own: Sometimes, the reason for not doing this is feeling embarrassed. But, when we start realizing that we are not the main topic of the conversations of other people, we may have fun in our own company.
  5. Spending a day without our phone: This sounds scary and impossible because every one of us is so connected to phones, so we are oblivious to people or nature, or something else surrounding us.
  6. We should make ourselves a promise: This promise should be for one entire day, we are not permitted to complain about anything.
  7. Writing letters to the people we love and then hide the letters for them: We have to learn to be quite silly or embrace our vulnerable side.
  8. Getting on the train and going somewhere unplanned: We have to be spontaneous. So, how can we be found when we are never truly lost?
  9. Get rid of our baggage: This actually symbolizes a new beginning.
  10. Letting arguments go: This is not for being a bigger person, but simply as you choose not to actually feed our ego.
  11. We should be hones and kind to ourselves: This is not easy just as it actually sounds. We have to be honest and kind to ourselves, instead of having the self-doubting and critical voice inside our heads. We should get rid of our negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts.

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