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The Intensity Of Meeting Your Twin Flame For The First Time

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When twin flames meet for the first time, it can be a very euphoric moment.

It can feel like fireworks going off in our body, mind, and soul. This meeting will change our life forever and will forever be remembered.

Meeting The Twin Flame

Soul mates might be many, but your soul has only a single mirror – its twin flame. As such, we may not even meet our twin flame in a single lifetime.

For the meeting to take place, both souls have to be in the proper mental state at the same time. They also have to be sufficiently evolved. The trick lies in being ready to notice and vibrate with such a relationship.

But even if it is so difficult, twin flames do come together. Moreover, in our present enlightenment age, it is taking place faster than ever. So, provided you are ready, you may very well meet the twin flame as well as experience the moment’s full intensity.

Signs Of Synchronicity When Twin Flames Meet

When you meet a twin flame, your higher self (soul) will let you know about it. The universe will also give some signs even before the meeting. Synchronicity will bring these signs to you.

They come in various forms. The majority of them will be too subtle to detect by chance. The major signs: significant numbers, a higher purpose calling, and romantic symbols.

Romance symbols can be any type of presence that loves you in your surroundings. For instance, you may be noticing many more activities that you would prefer to do as a couple. It could even be your social media feeds filling up with updates on relationship status.

These signals carry within it a call to answer a purpose. But, some meaningful situations in life can also ask you to act. For instance, if you find yourself inspired to take action by someone. Usually, this will always come from within you.

Numerical Synchronicity

Numbers signifying twin flames are usually easy to spot. Don’t go out searching for particular numbers.

Rather, let them come to you. After that, you can search for their meaning. But the numbers 1001, 11, and 11:11 are almost certainly signs that the twin flame meeting is approaching.

The First Meeting Between Twin Flames

The moment the meeting takes place, you will soon be off your rockers. This meeting was made possible by the machinations of the whole universe.

It is an enormous task. Several different consciousnesses spread across several levels and dimensions were involved in making it happen.

A Weaving Synchronicity

The synchronicity network has to be extremely well-weaved to make a soul exit their comfort zone and direct them towards the correct place at the correct time.

This means, usually, something that you cannot control has happened. This can be your usual store closing down, forcing you to visit another one.

The twin flame will experience the same thing at the same time. Many twin flames talk about how the meeting was never planned. Many speak about some invisible force acting on them.

The First Meeting’s Sparks

You see someone and you just cannot look away, even though you know it’s rude. It is more than a mere attraction. At that moment, every fiber of your mind, body, and soul is bursting with intense energy. You can physically feel yourself vibrating because of the energy.

After this first look’s euphoria, the two of you approach each other. Then everything else seems to disappear. It feels like you have known the other person forever. Their voice seems to awaken something deep inside.

You want to tell everything about yourself to your flame. And, you wish to know everything about them as well. However, this first meeting was over just as soon as it began.

The following day, when you open your eyes in the morning, you feel that you are missing something. You are convinced that you have found exactly what was needed in your life.

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