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Here’s The Astro Forecast For September 2019: Finding Your Ground Again

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by Conscious Reminder

August was all about working for what we believed in, with all the cosmic alignments in place.

The New Moon in Virgo added to the power dynamics that were already there in place. September would be way more quiet than the previous months, giving us time to be with ourselves and ground us to our roots.

The initial days of the month will have us remain grounded and focusing on our daily routine. This is because Virgo would contain the Sun, and there would be 6 more planets in the Earth signs.

While it is normal and natural to be engaged in dreams and visions of grandeur, you must come back to Earth this instance. You should better focus your attention and see how you are spending your days.

Life is all about living every single minute and doing what we love to. This month is going to give you the time to settle and tidy up your affairs, which will allow you to give more time to things that you genuinely love doing.

The beginning of September is going to allow you to declutter, cleanse your mind as well as make sure that you allot time to yourself for some self-preening.

The time for thinking is done. So, don’t put up huge goals which you won’t be able to complete during this period. Keep realistic goals that will not only be able to hold your concentration and focus, but also be enjoyable while you do it.

Sun And Mars Conjunction

September is sure to give you a push in case you felt really lazy and unmotivated to work for what you believe in. You might also feel the need to procrastinate, but September isn’t going to allow you to do that. 

For on 2nd September, Mars and the Sun met, which resulted in the production of infectious energy.

There must be something that you haven’t done, yet want to. Any project you want to finish off, this is the time. The energy push from the Mars and Sun conjunction is going to help you.


The next week in September would contain the 9th and the 11th days of the month. The day- 9/9 would open the vibrational portal which would allow us to ruminate on spiritual connection, the wholeness of spirit, and the completion of being. Also, the number 11 is important due to its numerology code 911, which is said to be the main activator of lightworker energy.

Pisces Full Moon

Next comes the Pisces Full Moon on September 13th, which is going to be pretty emotional. This will, in turn, help one get a grip on the transition from an energy that is earthly, prevalent in the first half of September. In fact, this Pisces Moon will also give us the emotional stability, might let us get a breakthrough, and could shed some new light on the journey we are traversing through.

Direct Saturn

After the Pisces Moon comes the turning of Saturn from Retrograde to Direct. This will ensure that it has no further complications as it marches towards Pluto unattended and unrivaled. While the conjunction is going to take place in January of 2020, the effects will be felt this month onwards. Remember that this conjunction is going to bring about a huge change, a transformation of the entire being if you will. It will also allow one to work with a lot of vibrant energies on a global as well as personal scale.

Neptune-Jupiter Square

As Neptune and Jupiter square each other for the third time since the beginning of the year, we might come across a truth that we never could imagine in our wildest dreams. Or maybe, we would finally see that things weren’t what they appeared to be.

While this may seem like a bomb dropping on us, it would definitely give us the confidence to go through our plans a lot better and understand ourselves and our intuition to a greater degree.

Libra Season

The 23rd of September brings about Libra into the fold, as the Sun posits itself into this Air sign. This heralds a new season, with newer breakthroughs. This will be a time to think of the things you want to wrap up for the year and bring to a close.

Libra New Moon

The energies of September would end on the 28th, bringing a New Moon that is going to coagulate all we have learned and done the entire month.

After spending an entire month learning, decluttering, understanding, thinking, and acting, it is time that we put into place the last remaining piece in the puzzle- a sense of ease.

Use all that you learned and bring harmony into your life.

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