Wait For The One Who Gives You Wings And Encourages You To Fly

There’s nothing wrong with being alone. That simply means you are waiting for someone who will love you the way you deserve it.

And that’s normal.

It is normal that you are waiting for someone to turn your world up side down, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being picky until that particular person shows up on your path.

It is normal to be alone, for as long as you need to understand yourself, to know what you want and what you need in life. There’s mo reason to hurry.

Wait for the one who will give you butterflies in your stomach; who will make you feel loved and appreciated.

Wait for the one that will illuminate your world as soon as you see them; the one who will miss you; the one whose presence you will crave.

Wait for the person who will worship you and tell you how to appreciate and love yourself first, everyday. Wait, for true happiness pays off.

Wait for the one who will make time for you; the one who is always happy to see you and never cancels your plans.

Wait for the person who will support you. Whose dreams and goals match yours. Who wants you to be better and help you on the path to becoming the best version of yourself.

Wait for the person who lights up your world. A spark you have never felt before. The one who sets you on fire.

Wait for a person who will be proud of you, who will motivate you to be better and who will celebrate your victories together with you. The person who will be your number one fan.

Wait for the one who will love your friends and family. For the one your friends and family prayed that you find.

For the one they no longer say that you deserve better, but are simply glad you have found each other.

Wait for a man who will give you wings and makes you feel like you are able to conquer the whole world, and makes everything possible when you are together. 

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