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The Spiritual Significance Of The March’s “Worm” Full Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

A new season is here and the first signs might be warmer nights and longer days.

However, the 2022 March full moon, aka the “worm” moon, is going to truly make it feel like spring has arrived as we approach the Spring Equinox. This moon is going to rise on March 18th at 12:17 AM PT or 3:17 AM ET.

This lunation is offering an analytical perspective regarding meeting goals as well as thinking about our deep feelings. You can consider this full moon as a kind of break from the Pisces season’s dramatic emotions.

It will be an opportunity for moving ahead with your plans. If you have been recently engaged in shadow work, then expect to receive the benefits now.

Even if full moons tend to be dramatic, this full moon may also give a chance for catharsis. This is because it may make us confront our emotions as well as release those that we do not wish to carry with us any longer.

Moreover, the full moon in March also has the uncharacteristic re-invention vibes since it is the final full moon before spring officially arrives.

The Worm Full Moon’s Spiritual Meaning

The nickname for this lunation originates from the farmers’ observation that the earthworms surface right as spring starts setting in. Other nicknames include the “Sugar” moon or the “Lenten” Moon.

True to its nicknames, the full moon in March is a symbol of a fresh start and a nudge to shed old habits so that we can find a wiser and better self.

According to experts, the worm full moon signifies life since this is when the ground thaws and softens to let life re-emerge in the northern hemisphere. Nature promises a bustling “newness” vibe as the eagerly anticipated spring approaches. For us, this is a confirmation that direction, hope, and liveliness are going to arrive.

Because of this full moon taking place in Virgo, we can start getting ready to find the motivation for cleaning out closets, rearranging rooms, and making plans for success.

Virgo is all about planning and preparing down to the finest details. As such, this full moon will be a perfect chance for ordering our lives. At the same time, it will also be a great time for letting go of our bad habits.

Working With Energy Of The Full “Worm” Moon

This lunation is being accompanied by a sextile aspect between Pluto, currently in Capricorn, and the Sun, currently in Pisces. This is giving a caffeinated boost to our dreams and ambitions in our professional lives.

With all these big earth influences on the moon’s energy, this is the perfect time for finding that CEO within you and taking the initiative in every area.

If you actually do want to nurture your leadership ego then a rational approach is recommended. For instance, intentional rituals can introduce order to your dreams.

You can also try jotting down methods of being more forgiving. As for manifestation, try to separate it from the usual journal to avoid anxiety.

The way of the Virgo can also be harnessed in the more traditional way – by organizing. So, make a list of all the areas where you can help others, or show more compassion, and get your life more organized.

The final way of harnessing this moon’s energy is by planting actual seeds. Since Virgo is one of the earth signs, gardening or tending to a potted plant or growing herbs can strengthen the connection with the element of the earth.

You can also try taking a barefoot walk on the earth to show your gratitude for Mother Nature.  

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