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February 2019 Is Almost Here And Gives You The Strength To Move On

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by Conscious Reminder

With the end of January, we come to the shortest month of this year. We have experienced a lot of energy shifts in January which has left us chaotic.

We need some time to rest, to collect our mind so that we can start to look in the future and walk towards it. February comes to us as the rescue that we all need. It is full of energy shifts as well, but, during this time, we move on from January’s tiring energy shift.

Thinking of the group

While January has been mostly individualistic, that is, you had to deal with the energy shifts alone, February brings the group into it. Self-expression will be one of your chief areas which you will be working with during this month.

On February 4th, there will be an Aquarius New Moon that will conclude all the different lessons that we have learned from the January eclipse cycle of Leo and Aquarius and the blood moon. It will make us accept ourselves and help us move on, as more updates come in during this month.

Some important Past Events

The New Moon will be occurring on the same degree as the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius that occurred back in 2017. Remember the events that took place back in that time – now, you will be able to slowly connect the dots and understand the situation better. The eclipse occurred after Robert Mueller had been in his term as the special prosecutor for six months.

It is also the time when Michael Cohen, the former attorney of Trump, testified before the congress. Cohen was supposed to testify after the New Moon on 7th February regarding the leak that Trump might or might not be involved in.

But Cohen wanted to postpone the testimony on the grounds that there were threats to his and his family’s physical safety. He was subpoenaed to appear in court. All this had occurred even before February began and don’t take all these as a coincidence. This year, you might find some progress in this area.

Feeling more, expressing less

As the news comes rolling in, we will connect with our feeling and emotions more. We might even transmit and pick up messages through dreams and telepathy rather than engaging in conversations.

Mercury will finish its tour of Aquarius on February 10th as it enters into Pisces. By February 20th, it will retrograde, which means you will have a revision of all the matters that took place in February. In the middle of this month, you will finally be able to move forward – maybe after an impulsive action.

For the creatives

Mars, the warrior god that rules our motivation, will move into the liberating Uranus on the 13th and slowly, it will move to the slower and grounding Earth sign, Taurus, on the 14th. Mars will be very potent before this shift and will rage with all the fire of aggression and anger that it is known for.

However, it will recede into this slow and methodical stage which doesn’t sit very well with it and will be felt by some people. Though this is the time for artisans to display their masterpiece and make some money out of it. This crossover will also reopen the cosmic shoves that happened back in the 15-16th May, 2018 – so remember those events and experience the paradigm shift.

Feeling Emphatic

Chiron will be ending its eight-year tour in Pisces and start another in Aries during 18-19th February, so you will feel self-reliance during this period and can explore new boundaries. When Chiron is in Pisces, there will be a blurring of many emotional boundaries. You might find your individual pains combining with the pain of the human condition at large.

You will have a heightened sense of awareness and empathy as well as a sense of becoming a martyr. There might even be a healing crisis. It is during this period that you might feel a behavioral change taking place within you. Perhaps you will be following a different role model.

When Reason Returns

The Virgo Full Moon on February 19th brings back reason and analysis back to us. The Full Moon will light up the areas on which we need to work on. But Venus, the goddess of Love will be in conjunct with Saturn, so you will still have part of your mind in dreams – though now, you will still have a realistic desire out of people and life.

But then, as soon as she comes in contact with Pluto, your nonrational impulses will start to rise. You will be lured into dangerous places and be beaten by a raw attraction towards a human being. As Jupiter fuses with Mercury it will make our romantic dreams come to life.

February 23rd brings clarity back to us, when Mercury comes in contact with Pluto. It will give us the final push to move forward. The February month will be a bit conflicting at first, but then, it will help us grow, and mature faster. Let us accept its energy and enter the future, prepared and in full force.

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