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The Way Twin Flame Alignment Happens

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by Conscious Reminder

Everyone wants to know how twin flames interact when they are together. When they are aligned, it brings about a lot of change, spiritually and emotionally. A relationship between twin flames is special and unlike any other.

The passion between them never dies out and as long as they are together, their energies are at their peak. Keep reading to find out how each twin changes the other through their alignment.

Divine familiarity

There is no uncertainty when twin flames find each other. They will be able to recognize each other instantly. As clichéd as it may sound, that one moment will transform both of them forever. When their eyes meet, they will know. The way they talk, the feeling of their hand in your hand, even the way they are when they are quiet, they will feel like they’ve always known these things the moment they meet. Each will feel like a gift has been sent from heaven. This knowledge comes from the many reincarnations in which the twin flames have lived together. All the experiences they have shared will rise to the surface as soon as they reunite.

Love at first sights

Most people are skeptical about falling in love the moment you set eyes on someone but for twin flames, it is the plain and simple truth. There is no prelude to love for them. Their love has always existed and it always will. Even if they are apart, they will not fall out of love.

Chance meetings

Love stories are always more interesting when the situation is out of the ordinary and it usually is for twin flames. Many have stated that they happened to meet each other merely by luck or by coincidence. Of course none of these meetings are accidents. The universe knows what it is doing but for us humans, this unpredictability makes it all the more exciting.

Together even while apart

It is important that everyone understands this one fundamental concept about twin flames – nothing will ever separate them. The universe will always work to ensure that they reunite. It ensures that their love is true and strong. Even if they meet and are not ready for each other, gradually they’ll come back. No challenge that gets in their way will be too overwhelming for them.

Telepathic connection

They could be miles away from each other but that doesn’t mean they are not in constant communication. Their telepathic link ensures that they are always aware of each other. For example, if you have ever felt like you are missing someone for no reason, it is probably your twin flame trying to find you.

Love always makes telepathy stronger and there is no love stronger than that between twin flames. If they reach into their subconscious, they will always be able to find their twin. Even though all twin flames go through a rough patch in which they are estranged, they don’t lose this power. They will eventually reunite after sorting out their issues.

Making life meaningful

When twin flames find each other, they make each other’s lives more meaningful and purposeful. They help each other through their respective spiritual journeys and achieve enlightenment together. If one twin has stagnated, the other will be there to pull them out of that quagmire. They will teach each other how to love and love selflessly without any reservations.  There is no doubt that when twin flames are together it is something wondrous and beautiful. It will feel like everything in the whole world is right where it should be. The whole process will occur naturally and spontaneously.

While not everything will be perfect and pitfalls will always be around the corner, twin flames will always find their way back to each other. Their love is permanent and burns bright for all eternity.

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