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Heart On The Sleeve: 7 Traits Empaths Do In A Completely Different Way

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Do people say you are too sensitive?

Don’t worry if the answer is ‘yes’. That’s not something negative – empaths are one of the most passionate and most interesting people in the world. Therefore, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

If you were lucky enough to have such person for a partner, never let them go because they are really special and rare to find.

Here are 7 things that empaths do completely differently:

1. Whatever you feel, they feel it stronger.

It’s normal that sensitive people will experience external stimuli more intensively, and it happens because they process information on a deeper level because of their stronger intuition.

Also they feel and notice things that no one else would. They will recognize and understand your emotions better than yourself.

2. They see all people as equal

Sensitive people form opinion of others only after they have seen their hears. To them, looks stand for nothing.

Empaths will never judge others because they believe we’re all the same.

3. They always listen to what people have to say

Sensitive souls love and know how to listen to others, but rarely speak about themselves and their own feelings. These people are full of understanding and are always ready to provide others with help and support.

Empaths believe it’s their duty to help people.

4. They carry their hearts on the sleeve

This might come as obvious, but sensitive people often react with the heart and not the head, and because of this instinctive behavior they say things they don’t really mean.

Still, they are rational people.

5. They need solitude and some time alone

They love spending some time alone to “charge the batteries” and deal with their own feelings and problems. They usually go in nature or simply spend their spare time in bed.

Busy, loud and crowded places exhaust them. Give them a little time and they will get back to you happy.

6. Making decisions doesn’t come easy to them

When someone is sensitive, he or she needs a lot more time to process information because they notice all the details that others won’t even notice.

Their decisions are often on accurate information and many hours spent analyzing it.

7. They have highly developed intuition

There is a chance you will find it hard to believe this if you are a partner or a friend of a sensitive person, but they have a strong intuition and feel when something is wrong.

Do not lie to sensitive people, they will spend a lot of energy trying to “force you” to tell the truth.

If you are a sensitive person, know that you are precious and that the world would be a better place if there were more people like you! If your partner is sensitive, nurture his or her soul and enjoy all the benefits of love you get from being in a relationship with them.

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