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July Astrology Through Dates: Excitement & Uncertainty

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by Conscious Reminder

The Eclipse Season was undoubtedly filled with a strong energy that was brewing in the cosmic skies since the end of the month of May.

On the collective level, it seems that we all have been going through a phase of growth as well as development.

This period might also create feelings of excitement and intensity along with uncertainty regarding the future. Such a mixed bag of emotions might make us feel a bit scattered and disoriented.

Right now, we are about to step into July and this Eclipse energy might linger around us. Although we are still tackling the chaotic Eclipse energy, July will be accompanied by some major cosmic alignments. These will encourage us on overcoming some past fears and achieve a sense of confidence and motivation.

June was definitely intense but July will bring some relief and provide beautiful energies that will be smooth. This will bring clarity and confidence to our lives. Keep reading to acquaint yourself with the upcoming cosmic configurations throughout July and their impact on our lives.

Saturn, Uranus, And Mars T-Square-1st-4th July 

The beginning of July will certainly carry over some of the intensity of June. Mars will create a T-Square with Uranus and Saturn will usher tensions and frustrations. We will feel strong bouts of anger and restlessness along with a drive to do brave things. We must optimize our inner strength and confidence when Mars will be active and let go of our fears.

Sirius Gateway-3rd-7th July 

The fixed star named Sirius aligns itself with the Sun at this time every year and opens the gateway to high-frequency energy to reach Earth. It is believed that Sirius is the portal to the higher realms of psychic abilities and technological advancements. This time will be perfect for technology-related projects and to freely express ourselves.

Cancer New Moon-9th July 

The New Moon in Cancer will witness a repetition of past events that require our attention. We must practice self-care and prioritize ourselves under the Cancer energy. This time wants us to keep our body, mind, and soul to be peaceful and comforted.

Jupiter Trine Mercury-12th July 

This alignment will reward patience. We will also overcome miscommunications, negotiations, and paperwork issues.

Venus Conjunct Mars-13th July 

This rare alignment will bring together twin flames and soulmates since Mars and Venus symbolize cosmic lovers. Their energy is the perfect union of the feminine and the masculine or yin and yang. Be alert as your soulmate might cross your path now.

Sun Enters Leo-22nd July 

Leo Season will kick-start after Cancer Season. This will come as a welcome change. After delving deep into our thoughts and recharging our emotional batteries, we can finally face the world. We will receive new and exciting creative opportunities.

Aquarius Full Moon-23rd July 

There will be 2 back to back Full Moons in Aquarius this year. Similar to all Full Moons, there will be a repetition of past incidents and the unfolding of new knowledge. Both the Full Moons will certainly be in harmony and illuminate a part of new information to us while the remaining will be uncovered during the August Full Moon. This lunation will motivate us to step outside the box and embrace the transformation.

Retrograde Jupiter Comes Back To Aquarius-28th July 

Jupiter has been in a state of retrograde since 20th June in Pisces. It is now returning to Aquarius and will stay there till December. Although this shift is subtle, we will be inspired to think about our community and other people.

Parting Words 

We can take the help of spiritual practices like meditation to calm ourselves during the numerous cosmic configurations in July. Remaining calm and composed is the key to overcoming all obstacles and, succeed.

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