Going Through A Rough Patch Doesn’t Mean You Have A Bad Life

by Conscious Reminder

With all those societal pressures about having an excellent life where every single thing falls into its place, it may be difficult to remember the bad days which happened previously.

For some people, the biggest issue is in which coffee shop to drink their coffee before they go to work. When a person has a really bad day, he or she does not usually know how they can handle it.

Well, the truth actually is that we all experience terrible days in our lives where we only wish that we could stay at our home, in order to avoid this harsh world that beats us down out of our bedrooms’ safety.

Every person grumbles, complains, or throws childish tantrums, and wishes the end of the day to come as soon as possible.

There is no person safe from such days.

Sometimes, we aren’t able to realize that others have really bad days as well and that having really bad lives on occasions is not something that happens only to us.

There are many people out there who sometimes feel stressed, hurt, or exhausted, and that is written on their faces, while there are others who suffer secretly, in silence, and smile.

Simply because we are trying hard to hide how we feel, does not mean that it is not present and debilitating.

There are times when we observe the lives of our friends who appear really happy, and we wish that we could have such kind of life too. However, the grass is not always greener on the other side. Every person has reasons to really hate life, but they only happen during different times or for various reasons.

Moreover, we also have to remember that there are days when experience things which may cause us to plummet into some dark hole and forget about the world.

However, when something like this happens on another day, we could find the courage and strength to fight and overcome it. Everything depends on all those energies present around us, and what we invest within ourselves.

Difficulties in getting out of our bed may also be a common event. Wearing a cute outfit or showering for work could seem quite difficult decisions we often give up on. Also, canceling our plans in order to give ourselves some solitude time may seem strange.

But, these are perfectly normal and reasonable choices. Every person has days like this one, regardless if it happens because of our mental health or something else.

When we feel like failure is surrounding our bad days, we should know that it is okay to feel like that.

Every person has days where he or she does not feel quite good enough. For example, he or she will forget the healthy lunch at his or her home, or they failed to finish a project at school or work on time, or simply felt like they aren’t good enough for someone they really like. Well, failure is completely affiliated with such bad days.

Throughout our lifetimes, we are going to have good and bad days, because not every day can be a good one or vice versa. Nothing in people’s lives is supposed to be ideal. And, simply because we are having bad days doesn’t mean we are having bad lives.

There are many other things for which we should be grateful, such as our family, friends, and our health, our memories of incredibly happy times with our loved ones which made us respect and appreciate the fact that we are alive, or also those moral values instilled in our souls. Our lives are full of blessings; we just have to identify them and focus on them when we self-doubt.

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