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As Spring Is Coming Close To Its Peak, It’s Time To Clean Your Energy

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

As spring assumes control over the northern side of the equator, it’s an extraordinary time clean the spaces you spend time in, like your home, office, and vehicle.

But, shouldn’t something be said about cleaning up your energy?

1. Clean up your physical space and ensure it looks spotless, lovely, and welcoming.

Ever noticed how you feel increasingly serene, light, or hopeful when you enter a delightful and systematic room? Making your surroundings satisfying and comfortable can dramatically affect your mood.

A large number of people are profoundly sensitive and empathic. Since these delicate people will, in general, respond more to their environment, disposing of things they don’t care for, fixing what is broken, or spending more on something nice like a fresh bunch of flowers is a great way to increase the flow of fresh energy.

2. Spring clean your mind.

Do you often find yourself stuck with the same negative and pessimistic thoughts, like a fly in a spiderweb? If your answer is “Yes”, it’s time you do some dusting. You can start with a mantra, like, “Things are continually working out in my favor”.

Or “I’m going to look on the brighter side today.” Read inspiring books that improve your general mood, or pursue feel-great stories in the news that restore your faith in mankind. I promise it won’t take you long to notice the difference in your energy.

3. Do a cleanse of your physical space every 7 days.

This is an incredible practice to get into after you have physically cleaned up your home. You can burn some sage or incense, use a chime/bell, or spray the house with some aromatherapy sprays.

Go around your house, and let the smoke of the sage, the sound of the bell or the scent of the spray do its magic and refresh the energies.

If the energy feels heavier in a specific, frequently-utilized spot, like your work area or bed, or if the energy feels dormant in a space you don’t frequently use, similar to a corner or a storage room, take some time and clear the space using the techniques we mentioned earlier.

Concentrate with a mantra as you go, similar to “I am bringing some fresh and positive energy in this place” or “love and harmony live in this house”. Notice how much more joyful, lighter, or increasingly loosened up your energy feels after this clearing.

4. Spend as much time as possible in nature

Nature has an astounding ability to clear your personal energy. This is the reason individuals feel so quiet and focused subsequent to strolling through a neighborhood park or sitting by a stream.

On the off chance that you live in a city and can’t get to nature consistently, buy some succulents or houseplants—a little bit of greenery goes far! Nature restores the balance of our energy.

5. Leave your past in the past. 

Does it ring a bell? Is there something in your past you are still struggling to forgive yourself for, despite the fact that you have done everything you can to control things and learn your lessons?

Maybe, just maybe, the time has come to learn to forgive yourself?

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