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Native American Code Of Ethics We Could All Learn A Lot From

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When the sun rises, pray to yourself. Do this often.
The Almighty spirit will hear, if only you speak.
Be accepting to those who have lost their way.
Anger, ignorance, conceit, greed and jealousy come
from a soul that is lost. Pray they are given divine guidance.
Look for parts of yourself, on your own. Don’t let others
to create your life path. It’s your own road, and only yours.
People can walk the path with you, but none can do the walking for you.
Extend your hospitality to the guests in your house.
Give them food, the best you have
Respect and honor them.
Don’t take from others, whether they are a person, the wilderness, a community or culture. If not given or earned, you aren’t to take.
Give respect where its due, this earth-even if it is a plant or person.
Give regard to other’s words, wishes and thoughts.
Mind your tongue in conversations, no mockery, or rudeness.
Let others express themselves the way they were made.
Be conscious of how you talk about others. What negative
You put in this world will come back to you ten-fold.
We all have made mistakes, and forgiveness of those mistakes is important.
Thinking of negativity can make the mind, spirit and body ill.
Practice being optimistic in all things in life.
Nature is one part of us as a being, not for us to take and destroy.
They are our family too in this world.
Our future relies on our children. Instill wisdom, and love in their hearts,
And teach them life lessons. When children grow up, allow them their own space to flourish.
Do not harm others hearts.
Your pain is poisoning and will come back to you.
Allow yourself to be committed to the truth.
Honesty is a test on a person’s will in the universe.
Balance your mind, body, spirit, physical and emotional self.
All need to be healthy, pure and strong.
Exercise your body to give yourself strength of mind.
Flourish in your spirit to relieve emotional ills.
Make decisions that you are aware of on your own, on how you act as
a person and react to others. Allow yourself to be responsible for actions you take.
Allow others the right to their own privacy and individual space.
Keep your hands off of others personal items
Especially any objects that are of a religious, sacred nature. It is a sacrilege.
Allow yourself to be true in all of yourself.
Do not nurture and give help to others until you can help yourself.
Give others the respect they need to live in their religious beliefs.
Don’t make others bend to your ideology.
Donate your financial resources to others in need.
Be charitable and helpful to those in desperate need.

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