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The Energy In Our Feet: Grounding Though The Roots

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by Conscious Reminder

Our life may contain aspects that show the energy that is circulating in our feet has been unwell, or unbalanced. This is when Grounding becomes particularly important.

Feet are a curious part of our body. Some think of them as disgusting while some may find them symbols of passion. More realistically, we reach our desired destination using our feet. It lets us traverse this amazing journey called life.

But the movement is not all there is to them! They are also a very important center of energy. They can have their own energies. They are also portals via which we can exchange energy with our Universe.

We Are Rooted Via Our Feet

According to reflexology, our feet contain information regarding our entire body as well as our incarnational coordinates.

It is based on an alternative therapy method in which the soles of our feet and hands contain points that are believed to represent every part of the organ of our body. Practitioners then stimulate specific points to alleviate unpleasant symptoms.

As such, it makes the feet compared to the roots in plants. It is our existence’s rootedness that allows us to reach for the light.

Just like roots, vital universal energy, as well as negative energies, enter our bodies through our feet. As such, many regions and religions have ceremonies for foot cleansing.

A Portal To The World Of Spirituality

Our feet also contain energy centers or chakras. They are particularly important for feet. For example, we can be energized by walking barefoot on the earth. The chakras in our feet are akin to the root chakra’s “first floor”.

It encourages support so we can rise and live our truth. You may also notice that our feet are the first organ to show signs of fatigue. That is because they literally and spiritually support us.

As a result, they also have a close association with material achievements. Activating the feet chakra is essential for manifesting our desired physical reality.

Our thought forms may collect around our thighs and feet. Thus, it is very important to take care of the energies associated with these limbs. The chakra of the base is vital to grounding and anchoring our projects and ideas. And, nothing can stand without a solid foundation.

Identifying Blocked Foot Chakras

There are 4 common ways of identifying whether these chakras have imbalances. They are:

1. Difficult To Materialize Ideas

If you are finding it tough to finish anything after starting, then there is a good chance your feet chakras are blocked. It can also be that you have loads of ideas but you are failing to put them into practice as you thought.

2. Not Connected With Ease

If you find it difficult to concentrate during meditation or tend to daydream and lose focus, then the energies in the feet are most probably out of balance.

3. Waking Up Is Tough

In the morning, or when the alarm rings, your body just refuses to move. No matter how long you sleep, it does not feel enough at all. It might be caused by a neglect of your feet’s energy.

4. Chronic Diseases

If you are suffering from one or more chronic illnesses which you cannot seem to find a cure for, no matter what you try, can be cured by treating your feet’s energy.

Caring For The Feet’s Energy

There are several techniques that can help restore the energy balance in the chakra of the foot. The first method is walking barefoot. Just try to be in touch with natural soil for about ten minutes and feel the energy flow into you.

The second method will be meditation and imagining a light bathing your feet. Imagine it to be a transmutation light and let your feet soak in it.

Finally, you can dip your feet in a bowl of water mixed with coarse salt. Salt is a very powerful energizer and dissolver of energetic blocks. 

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