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Do Your Cat’s Purrs Have Healing Abilities?

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by Conscious Reminder

Every one of you probably knows that ancient Egyptian people worshiped the feline kind to unmeasurable extent.

It’s not a surprise that they openly honored, celebrated and glorified cats as holy creatures. The culture, art and even the everyday lifestyle seemed to revere this graceful animal.

This is actually well-known information, but a lot of people wonder about the reasoning behind this unusual behavior. Some of them speculated about the special powers of our four-legged friends, but they haven’t succeeded to verify any of those assumptions yet. 

So, is there a chance ancient peoples knew certain things that modern science can classify and explain? According to further examinations, it can be quite possible.

How to know if cats possess healing abilities?

According to the evidence provided by new researches and studies, the purr of a cat acts like a therapeutic apparatus which does not only regenerate their body, but it fortifies it to some resilient magnitudes.

That purr was also shown to importantly accelerate the process of recovery of the organs and bones in cats while increasing the density of cats in that process too.

Such conclusions indicated that the usually accepted beliefs which say that cats purr only when they feel satisfied, and content might also be a huge misconception.

Another reason, according to the observation, was that cats also purr when they are in less desirable circumstances such as when they are wounded when they give birth or also when frightened.

That suggests that cat’s purr plays a fundamental role as a type of mechanism for survival. During ancient time, a lot of cats were admired and were also consequently worshiped because of the miraculous capacities they had to resist damage and reduce the excessively severe effect. Such regular events also inspired the myth which said that every cat has nine lives.

What influence this had on cultural history?

According to further analysis and investigation, a lot of societies in the past applied similar usage of vibratory healing, more like their feline pets. There is a high possibility that some similar sound therapy procedures and techniques have been adopted from cats and later on used by ancient Egyptians for some medical purposes.

In that time in Egypt, the sistrum has been considered the sacred percussion instrument, which probably originated from worshiping Bastet, the cat goddess. Sistra was ritualistically utilized by priestesses in Egypt, which generated copious amounts of ultrasound.

That ultrasound was an effective way of healing, and nowadays, it is being used in clinics and hospitals. Specific levels of this ultrasound were known for treating severely and life-threatening ailments such as cystic fibrosis or different cancer forms.

So, this actually means that all those ceremonies in the past, in which the sistra instruments were utilized, were not simply employed to improve the atmosphere, but they were probably intended to amplify healing impact.

How could people utilize that knowledge?

In fact, this is a type of holistic medicine which helps in mending, realigning and restructuring the vital systems of the body. No matter if they are biologically or technologically manifested, such studies can make the musical therapy an applicable and modern healing procedure in the future. Such treatments also help in relieving pain, as well as restoring our bodies beyond their typical extent.

Also, this can be one specific reason why techniques that involved spoken mantra were taught, as well as implemented in meditation.

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