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The Shamanic Practice And Its Healing Powers

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by Conscious Reminder

Shamans are people who are experts on using nature and energy for healing.

They are able to see, hear and feel things invisible to the common eye through altered consciousness. However, one does not have to be a shaman to reach these transpersonal, supernatural realms.

Shamans can also gain information and energy by traveling to different points in time. They can then use this information to help others as well as themselves live better lives. Their purpose is to heal someone or even a community. Many delve into shamanism to attain healing powers.

The Multi-Dimensional Journeys Of Shamans

Shamans believe that the places they travel to during their shamanic journeys exist in reality. The basis of shamanism is learning the value of our perceptions. It teaches us that an experience can be perceived in multiple ways. Our ultimate task is to use the information gained from the shamanic journeys in everyday life.

It might be possible that the shaman’s transpersonal realms are real places in alternate dimensions. We might reach these places when we exit our bodily identification and ordinary awareness.

Whatever be the realms’ nature, shamans travel between them via meditation and their communities’ world. However, they maintain their personal will and consciousness throughout their travels.

Shamans modify how people’s past influences their present by traveling to their past as well as connecting them to better future possibilities. Similar to a hunter, they can energetically bring back better futures to the present.

They can also guide people into manifesting new possibilities and futures. All this has one singular purpose: to make our present lives more pleasing to our Spirit.

A lot of the time, we can focus and fix problems in our present than try to make plans for long-term futures. Most of the time, it takes all we have to just find relief from our present pains. As such, searching for new methods of living or becoming a secondary concern.

Moreover, at some points in our lives, we fail to have a clear picture of our futures. Such situations can stress us out or even paralyze us.

However, discussing the future can help us identify fear originating from traumatic past experiences. It can also help us find what we find helpful or enjoyable. Shamanic work often stimulates our imagination into envisioning fresh ways of living in our world.

Shamans Can Show How We Are All Connected

You can think of shamanism as another method of understanding the connection between the mind and the body and using it for healing. This understanding can be both psychological and physical.

In the medical community of the West, there exists the concept of the mind-body connection. It is the belief that our feelings and thoughts can affect our health and physical experiences. This is the connection that Shamanism can help in understanding in more detail.

Shamanism can be the entry to a richer life experience and create a closer connection with the Spirit, or God. It can help us experience our interconnectedness. It will let us feel how we are a part of a universal energy web that covers all creation and life.

To Shamans, the gap between Mother Earth, her creatures, her trees, the stars, the sun, and us is nothing more than an illusion. Our conscious mind creates this illusion. The more you do shamanic work and use shamanic practices, the more you will be able to realize the illusory nature of this gap.

Once you recognize and acknowledge our interconnectedness, there can hardly be more effective healing experiences for our spirit. In some cases, it can even change our lives forever.

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