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9 Signs You’re Suffering From Lovesickness And What To Do About It

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by Conscious Reminder

Love is an emotion that is rich in passion and is quite fulfilling. It can also be stressful and end in heartbreaks.

When you observe things going awry in your romantic life, you will suffer from “lovesickness”. In this article, we will help you work through such and tell you what it is all about.

What Is “Lovesickness”?

If you are “lovesick” you are deep in love and missing the person you love so much that you are failing to function as you normally do. This is not a clinically recognized mental health condition but several researchers have suggested that it is a real disorder, associated with a number of mental and physical symptoms that can range from mild to extreme.  

Experts will tell you that lovesickness occurs when your feelings for a certain individual take over your body and mind. This consumes everything and can disrupt your appetite, flood feelings of anxiety, and bring about obsessive thoughts.

Brokenheartedness can hamper your heart’s health and so does lovesickness. According to research, symptoms of this disorder encompass different cultures and include fever, loss of appetite, headaches, and high pulse.

Lovesickness is not the same as being in love, genuinely. The clear distinction is that when you genuinely love someone, you will not obsess about them. In this perspective, lovesickness is similar to limerence and intense infatuation.

Many people do not really recognize the existence of limerence and simply consider someone experiencing it to be a ‘hopeless romantic’ or ‘passionately in love.’

Signs That You Are Lovesick:

1: Nausea

Being lovesick can cause several physical symptoms and nausea is a telltale sign. It is the feeling of nervousness in your stomach caused by the obsession this person had activated in you. This can also lead to a poor appetite.

2: Difficulty In Sleeping

If you are suffering from lovesickness, thoughts about this person will keep you up at night and you will feel fatigued the next day. The longer you suffer from this sickness, the more exhausted you become.

3: Irrational Behavior

If you are indeed lovesick, you will observe strange behaviors in yourself caused due to the infatuation you have, with the person. Such obsessions might even go extreme where you follow your crush somewhere or show up at their jobs.

4: Headaches:

Research indicates that headaches are common when one is suffering from lovesickness. These might be prominent if they have an issue with their sleep schedules.

5: Irritability:

If you are suffering from sleeplessness, you will eventually feel irritable. This will affect your behavior in turn and exacerbate irrational behaviors.

6: Obsessive Thoughts:

You will start to think about your crush, obsessively, almost similar to limerence. These thoughts will affect your life negatively as you will find it difficult to focus on anything else but them.

7: Projecting Fantasies:

You will live in a false reality, created by you, and function off it. A lot of your obsessive thoughts are fantasies of who we think our crush is.

How To Get Through It

1: Do Not Look At Their Social Media

Do not reach out to these people and neither follow them on social media. This will add more fuel to the fire, as you will be able to see what they’re doing on a daily basis.

2: Notice Your Thought Patterns

Try to be aware of your thought patterns around this person. Try to be mindful and keep away from such thoughts.

3: Focus On Your Self-Worth

This will take some time but you need to focus on yourself and your self-worth. Do not tolerate less than what you deserve. Set better boundaries and walk away from draining relationships that leave you lovesick.

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