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Is Empathy Something You Can Inherit?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The answer is, disappointing as it might seem – no. Empathy is not something you can inherit from your parents. Rather it is an acquired quality that you obtain as a gift.

The reasons for that are various:

1. your guardian angel might have felt like this was your calling or

2. Your spiritual journey brought you to this evolutionary juncture where you obtain this gift.

Empathy is something that is profound in its implications not only for you but also for the people around you. You end up expending a lot of energy and spiritual power on healing others and it becomes more or less compulsive on your part.

So it is to a large extent a double edged sword: you become more enlightened and more spiritual in general, but also mostly deeply fatigued and drained.

Just like squibs were born to magic parents and sometimes children of muggles ended up being intensely magical in the Harry Potter world, empaths can be born to both empath or non-empath parents.

There is no surety of the ability being passed down from one generation to the other.

Also, one must be ready to accept this gift. This is more of a responsibility rather than a gift because you hardly have any use for it for yourself.

So naturally, for the better of the universe – it is not something that is passed down to under-prepared next generation offspring.

Instead, the universe bestows it on people who reach that advanced stage of spiritual awakening when they can heal and control themselves enough to heal and control others.

They have to at peace and harmony enough with themselves and the universe to actually soothe down the pain, anxieties and fears of people all around them.

Metempsychosis is a thing and as a result, one cannot attribute empathetic abilities to something as random as genetics/human reproduction.

Empathetic souls seek out the best of minds to bestow themselves and their gifts unto.

On the corollary, when you feel like you must be an empath as both of your parents are, you are doing something that is the complete opposite of empathy – giving in to ego.

Hope this helps.

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