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You Can Naturally Raise Your Vibration Through Vipassana Meditation

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If one has to consider or look at facts, they would find that the Universe comprises of vibrations, and everything in the world happens through and because of them, no exceptions.

Vibrations can be good or bad; the good ones make good things happen and the bad ones make bad things happen. Simple math. But what our goal is, is to make sure that there are not many bad vibrations or if there is a way to turn the bad vibrations into good ones. Good vibrations are generally a result of a calm mind that is thinking good thoughts.

Bad vibrations plague our lives when we stop trying to make things around us better or give up, giving way to negativity. Here, Vipassana comes to your rescue.

Addiction of different kinds: 

When we talk about addiction, the first things that come to our mind are alcohol, drugs, smoking etc., but when talking about addiction with regards to vipassana, we talk about the signals in your brain that cause addiction and the chemicals that are released in your brain.

Your body gets used to reacting to these chemicals and vipassana helps you to keep your body relaxed and make sure that your body does not react to these signals anymore. Negative feelings like anger, grief, jealousy will soon cease to affect you.

Conditioning your mind:

Vipassana is essentially removing our minds from all kinds of conditioning, so it basically makes sure that our brains are not generating any negative vibrations. The most fundamental vibration or feeling of our beings is positive and Vipassana helps us go back to that and teach us to not give in to the negativity.

The Relationship between Psychoanalysis and Vipassana:

Psychoanalysis helps us delve into our unconscious and discover all the momentous times when our conscious went through something big. At this moment, we go to the very roots of our conditioning, through the help of Vipassana.

This whole process of using both psychoanalysis and Vipassana helps an individual completely decondition their minds and bodies and generate only positive vibrations.

Thus, the importance of Vipassana as a corrective measure to a lot of problems cannot be negated.

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