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9 Reasons Why She Is A Keeper And You Need To Stop Taking Her For Granted

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There are plenty of reasons why the girl you love might be the one. Here are ten really good reasons why you should not dump her over something trivial.

1. Texts

In today’s day, texts are of the essence in a relationship. If she replies no matter what, despite you ignoring her at times, she is a keeper.

2. Sunshine

Even when you are awful, she will make you feel a-glow’ just by the way she looks. One glance at her and your mood lifts up.

3. Makes plans

Despite you always being too busy to go out, she almost always makes plans to go visit places you two have not been to before.

4. Compromises

Economic, social or even sexual, she has done it all for your sake and, that too, with a smile on her face. She has always been the bigger person out of the two of you.

5. She is not into games

Mind or otherwise, she is just a really straight person, who likes her life and likes her man. She is not into mentally torturing a person by making them jealous or by straight-cut cheating on them.

6. She keeps her word

She is a woman of her word. Even if the promises she has made seem hard, she does keep them. She knows a human being’s word is what makes them better than the savages that go by that name nowadays. That’s what gives her the dignity of character others so lack.

7. She has a spine

Unlike all the men and women of her generation, she has a backbone and a head held high. She makes it a point to be on the straight path and is always on the right side of things when the situation gets nasty.

8. She believes in you

She knows human beings have feet of clay and are prone to weakness and failures. But she also knows that love makes one stronger and a better person; so, she is determined to make you a better version of yourself by loving you and believing you.

9. She is determined and ambitious

To make her life better, her career better and in extension, your life better.

With small things as well as large gestures. You seem to forget what boring means when she is around.

If you find yourself feeling all these things with the woman in your life, you really need to up the game for the girl you are with.

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