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Empathy, Emotional Weight Gaining, And Love Handles

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by Conscious Reminder

Empaths are the ones, who can feel the emotion with the utmost intensity. They are able to love someone from the depth of their hearts. But, when these people start carrying emotional weight of others, the love handle develops.

The Love Handles of Empathy

These people are the saintly people and sage-like beings of our society. They find it easy to ‘read’ people as they can detect lies at once. This quality helps them in advising others too. Their extraordinary ability to sense their surrounding contributes them in becoming the finest counselor one can hope to get. And their ability to sense the surrounding is a two way thing. As much as they can impact their environment, they get equally affected by it. Their love is so strong that it makes their whole body, mind and spirit bear the brunt of the act of their heart.

An empath’s life is not an easy one to live. Their compulsion to feel the emotion makes their life more nerve testing. They experience the aforementioned in multiple situations. It can be the boss’s anger or partner’s fight or may be the miseries of a friend. They also feel the need to respond to these miseries. They carry the emotional baggage of others, depending on the situation around.

The real problem takes the fore front when this emotional baggage manifests in the form of physical or mental ailment. Here is a thing with these people. When they feel that they are not reciprocated with the emotions, their self-protection mechanism gets activated. It develops in them in their childhood, and it helps them in guiding a way for their emotions. When these people are not able to channelize their emotional baggage, their mechanism develops love handles.

The Birth Of An Empath

An empath is born because of the suffering he goes through in his childhood. A child doesn’t realize at that time that he loves his surrounding more than what is good for him. This ability originates from the second chakra which connects the physical and energetic body.

When this pattern is not given proper attention, it manifests in the form of weight gain which first comes to fore around the waist. When these signs are left unattended, they come down to the hips. It acts as a warning that the feeling needs to be attended.

Taking Relational Health Seriously 

The weight gain is a sign that the empath is not able to channelize the foreign emotional baggage. This is what an empath faces at the time. He/she has to develop the ability to love without losing the confidence and simultaneously strengthening love for himself. They just have to take care of their own physical and mental health if they want things to take the general course.

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