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Tuesday’s Astrological Transit Is Brewing For Almost Two Centuries

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by Conscious Reminder

This week has a magical vibe because of the union of dream-weaver Neptune and jovial Jupiter.

They are meeting each other after 13 years, and the meetup is happening in Pisces after more than 150 years! (Their last Pisces meeting was in 1856)

Jupiter and Neptune are the traditional and modern rulers of Pisces, respectively. Jupiter is associated with hopes while Neptune is related to dreams. Their unions cause miracles to take place. Moreover, because the union is taking place in Pisces, nobody really knows the extent of the fireworks.

Dreamy Mars Will Take You On Fantastic Adventures

There is no reason to keep yourself limited. However, be mindful of boundaries. Both of these planets love going in deep, but easily lose track of how much they have been submerged.

This can easily cause unhealthy excess if one is not careful. So try to look for fun that is stable and not a slippery slope.

Starting from Thursday, letting the flow carry you may be the fastest way of being productive. This is because Mars will be entering Pisces on that day as well, and will stay with the other two until May 24th.

During this period, you may get mentally and spiritually diverted towards random and fascinating quests when you are about to begin your everyday tasks. So, allocate some time only for creativity, however, be mindful of how much. Use reminder alarms to their fullest potential.

Mars, while in Pisces, does not exactly have much direction, although it is particularly dreamy. As such, the following 6 weeks will be ideal for exploring the mysteries of life and being more compassionate in our day-to-day interactions. Try to add a bit more soul to your goals.

A Time For Understanding And Alignment

As for romance, this phase can be an immersive fairy tale. This is because seductive Venus will be entering Pisces along with Mars as well and be present till May 2nd. This is a poetic and passionate cycle and the strong currents of love can take you to enchanted lands.

However, be careful of being pulled into clandestine attractions in this sign. A side of you will enjoy being embroiled in such wild feelings, but deception may be nearby.

This transit will also be perfect for a couple’s healing retreat that has been long overdue. This phase involving Mars and Venus can be a soothing salve during these divided times. The presence of Pisces can encourage us to understand a bit of the other’s daily life. This is a period when we change our closest relationships and choose love rather than hate and fear.

On April 16th, Saturday, the Libra annual full moon can encourage turning solo projects into joint ventures. The peace in the skies can encourage fruitful conversations with people that you have seen as trouble so far. The keyword here is going to be patience. With that, you will be able to align everything from vision to agenda.

Also, try listening more actively rather than talking. Try to understand people’s opinions more deeply rather than giving automatic rapid responses. If your group has been losing touch, then this is the perfect time for arranging a summit.

The next 2 weeks are the best manifesting time. Use this energy to align yourself with your business partners’ and colleagues’ intentions. Playing fair does not necessarily mean you have to split everything into equal halves. In some cases, forcing that might be the cause behind the breakdown. Try to divide the responsibilities according to the individuals’ strengths and needs.

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