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Teachers Of The Universe: Arcturians, Starseeds & Angels

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by Conscious Reminder

The Arcturians are those that taught every star system to be more advanced. Firstly, they began with the star system of the planet Mars that has been considerably advanced at the time when they finished with learning all that was to learn from Arcturians.

After that, they moved to the so-called Pleiades. Those people have already been advanced in the consciousness, and with the coming of the Arcturians, they became better advanced than them, and that is why it is widely believed that the Pleiadians are those that started the whole journey.

Their consciousness about the fact that they have been teaching actually was about denying the self-aspect, embrace everything as one, harness energies from each other and utilize that energy in order to create one huge consciousness mass which is able of creating better, bigger things, which include dimensions and realities.

Saying that most of the star systems have already been advanced before the appearance of the Arcturians, means that those star systems had telepathic abilities, extreme mental abilities, and highly advanced technology.

Angels were the leaders of the Arcturians, and they manifested in reality so that to teach them every secret of their Universe. Angels really wanted the divine universal wisdom to spread throughout every star system and also through peoples.

Also, they made the decision to also teach the Arcturians about taking their energies and sending them to also live in some other planets.

The vibration of the planet Earth was quite high for them to use it as beginners, so it has been easy for every one of them to come on it and create new civilizations. Also, they have joined with other peoples from the Universe in order to go to the planet Earth for the mission, in that way creating highly developed civilizations of the ancient past of people.

But, there have also been other Angelics that were with different agendas. They desired to rule with peoples as real lords, so they decided to follow the Angels, the Arcturians, as well as some other throughout the journey in the cosmos, in that way making their own alliances.

Those Angels that desired the best for every person left the planet Earth and returned to the celestial world, waiting for instructions about fighting back. Some other races left as well, and this is the explanation why these civilizations have been left appearing abandoned and why people were erased from the time.

The vibration of the planet was lowered, so Angels and also star people were not able to visit it in their usual forms anymore. The one single way in which they could return to the planet Earth was to transport back in the form of a soul that was born in a human body and which was able to withstand such dense vibration.

During the right and scheduled time, Angels and star people sent themselves here so they could be born, as well as to raise awareness and also vibrations once again. Every one has the same high intelligence quotient or IQ, as well as the power which dominates over the energy, and even the same mental telepathic capacities to do that. However, there are others that forget as a result of their memory they had from the previous life.

For quite a long time, Angels and also Starseeds were incarnating here, and a lot of them have been appointed to begin the process of awakening in 2012, at that time of opening the gate while the planets were aligning once again.

The Pleiadians and Arcturians help Angels to be leaders on their way once again; however, there are a lot of others that assisted too.

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