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What To Expect From 2022 Gemini Season

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by Conscious Reminder

On May 20th, the Sun will enter Gemini and cross the Pleiades – a star cluster famous for its healing energy.

This crossing and activation of their energy also get a portal open that is directly connected to Earth and our hearts. It serves as a reminder to keep our attention on the divine light, everything we feel thankful for, as well as our body’s innate powers of healing.

As we get deeper into Gemini season, our inner energy will start shifting to higher chakras from lower chakras. Taurus Season was all about grounded forces. Gemini season will be about our cerebral forces.

Be Better At Expressing And Listening

Air sign Gemini encourages self-expression and communication. As such, this season becomes an auspicious time for working on saying our feelings and thoughts aloud, sharing our stories, as well as training us to become improved listeners.

The energy of Gemini is extremely social. As such, it is also one of the best times to be surrounded by souls that are similar to ours. It will help us vibe and create along with them. The connection with others acts as an enrichment for our souls and lives. So, spending time hanging out with friends, or creating communities in our lives should be the top priority.

Going deeper, Gemini is also beneficial for building bridges between our soul part and our human part. Among the twins, one is mortal while the other is immortal. As such, the sign serves as a reminder that we are human and we have a soul. Furthermore, it is vital to be nourishing both sides.

Sometimes these two sides work together. While at others, our human part finds it difficult to understand our soul’s intentions. If you are finding it difficult to balance the two sides or accept events in your life, then Gemini season may have the knowledge and support needed to arrive at harmony.

Since Gemini is one of the air signs, its energy continuously sends lightbulb moments into our thoughts. So be sure to have a clear chatter-free mind to easily receive inspiration.

Other Celestial Movements

Additionally, during this season, Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, will be in a backspin. As a result, we may feel a bit confused, mentally foggy, or unsure about the next thing to do.

We might face glitches or feel like everything is bound to go wrong. If you encounter any such event then take it as the Universe telling you to take a break.

During the break, spend time connecting with yourself and focus on the things that are clearly visible. Think about the things that are certain to avoid getting trapped or lost in all the uncertainty.

A Gemini season Mercury retrograde can make things particularly slow and induce a feeling of sluggishness. Keep your patience, and believe in the Universal flow. All correct answers will come to you in time.

The 2022 Gemini season will also feature the New Moon in Gemini on May 30th. This will help in closing the portal opened by the Eclipse during April’s end. Energies should be settling down around this time.

As such, we might also start feeling a bit more stable, particularly around recent transformations. There will be further illumination provided by June 14th’s Full Moon in Sagittarius.

It will make us confront a higher and deeper truth. Finally, on June 20th-21st, the Gemini season will end along with the Solstice. It promises to be one of 2022’s most auspicious turning points and a welcome one as well.

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