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Dreams: Are They Alternate Realities?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Dreams may be more than just a fleeting illusion that we see while we are asleep.

They might be glimpses of an alternate consciousness state that is accessible only when we are not awake.

The Connection Between Reality And Dreams

Our dream worlds can be bizarre beyond our wildest imaginations. However, even then, we do not seem to be critical of it at all. We do not seem to question events in dreams that would be utterly impossible in reality. For instance, flying or conversing with departed people.

Sometimes, even after waking up, these experiences leave an appalling impression. Sometimes, these intrigue us so much that we actively seek to learn more about dream symbolism.

Other times, we simply put aside what we saw. We assume that they are nothing more than loose images that have no meaning. However, even if we forget about a dream, the emotional effect of the dream can influence us for an extended period of time.

Similar to dreams, our everyday lives are also filled with symbolic situations. These situations are emotionally repeating, even though they happen in different scenarios.

They are similar to symbolic experiences from recurring dreams. But since it happens when we are awake, we do not pay them as much attention.

A simple example would be the people who seem to always encounter the same situations in life, no matter where they go or how much they change.

For instance, the people who always seem to have a conflict with their bosses or those who feel wronged often. These experiences work in the same way as the symbolism hidden in dreams.

The answer to these questions is also the same for our reality as in dreams – it is about what we choose to change about these situations.

At every point in our life, our psychism is in a continuous struggle to exit the existential looping of countless situations that we get trapped in. The option to gain more lucidity and go beyond is open to every one of us. We simply need to choose it.

The Choice To Believe In Dreams

Daydreaming is a process of creativity. It can be a distraction or an escape mechanism for when reality becomes too stressful. One can look at dreams as communication portals connecting us and ourselves.

Sometimes, we do not have enough time for this internal communication. However, with training, we can automatically install such a space shortly after awakening – giving us accurate, efficient, and more useful experiences.

There is a tradition among a few indigenous tribes. Every morning, everyone will get together and share the dreams they had the previous night. This information lets them know about themselves as well as what may happen to the tribe and every other individual.

During life’s most troubled periods, dreams can become more frequent or completely absent. This depends on an individual’s consciousness state. Those who are not as interested in communicating with this alternate dream universe may see fewer dreams.

But those who want to be helped by dreams will always have beneficial dreams. However, at times, even those who are absolutely disinterested can experience revealing and impactful dreams. They usually symbolize some type of extreme personal transformation.

Even today, the dream universe’s functions and essence are yet to be completely understood. Numerous people, during some stage in their lives, find themselves caught up in some lucid, transcendent, or extraordinary dream. Some are aware that it is possible to dream within a dream and thus experience extra developments.

Many others simply write off the universe of dreams completely, while others still study it to gain more lucidity within the universe. Perhaps knowing more about dreams is being more awake.

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