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The Loss Of A Beloved Pet Can Be A Heart-Breaking Experience

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by Conscious Reminder

Most of us love pets. If you have pets, you would know what a wonderful experience it can be to have a furry friend. They just bring such a feeling of peace in your heart.

Their loyalty, their unconditional loves, and their small mischiefs – all become such a grand part of our life. Pets are rightly family members. However, while we may treat them as family members, many people may not see them as such.

Yes, they love them but they don’t see them as valuable as a human being. If your pet dies, it will be emotionally devastating for you. For you, it will be a life-changing affair. But such cannot be said for another person.

When a pet dies, it is not given the same value as human death. People don’t visit you to console you. Neither do they measure their words while talking about the death of your pet. For them, it’s just so natural and valueless. Not so for you though.

However, if you are a good friend of a person who has lost their pet, then you know better. You are probably thinking of ways to console them and make them feel better.

Well, here are some of the things you can do to make them feel more comfortable with you after this terrible life-changing experience:

1. Measure your words

As mentioned earlier, most people don’t measure their words when they talk to someone who has lost their pet. They will just say something like it was an animal or that you can get another pet anytime you want.

This does not make the grief go away, it just makes it worse. On top of that, they appear heartless. So, don’t say anything without thinking. If you are at a loss of words, then just let them talk and you can simply listen.

2. Respect the bond

Try to understand the bond that a person shared with their pet. Sometimes, it’s much deeper than the relationship they have with their family. Many people spend a lot more time playing with their pets and even sharing the bed.

They can take a bath together as well. Each of these moments creates a priceless bond between the pet and the owner. So, understand the gravity of the situation.

How tough it would be for a person to deal with the loss of such an inseparable friend! Once you realize the depth, you can acknowledge the grief better.

3. Understand the process of grieving

Not everybody deals with grief in the same way. There are people who may suppress the grief and go on with their life within a few days. Some people may become too depressed and have to go to the therapist.

For others, it may take weeks to come out of the grief. Everyone has their own way to deal with grief. Don’t rush it – try to let them take their time. Know that they are working through it – let it happen slowly.

Be respectful to the grieving person. That’s the best kind of support they want.

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