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Awakening Of The Kundalini Serpent And The Energy Of The Twin Flames

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by Conscious Reminder

You might have heard of the term “Kundalini” in popular culture in the last year or two. It has become quite famous or infamous owing to certain celebrities like Jim Carrey suddenly becoming interested in it.

Kundalini is an ancient Indian concept: it is the personification of spiritual energy that is held in a man’s reservoir, located at the base of the spine. Through meditation, yoga and ritualistic healing, it can be stimulated to move, upwards, via the spine towards the brain, which is considered the place of enlightenment. Once this is completed, the practitioner becomes “spiritually awake” and can be called a true Yogi.

It is at this point of waking up that one can see a lot of effects on the body and mind. It is said, one stops aging and thanks to the spiritual energy, becomes sounder of body and mind and not to mention, far more sensitive to every form of physical or not physical stimuli.

So how and why are we talking about an obscure Indian concept about yoga in the context of something like the twin flames or soulmate syndrome as many call it?

Well, it might not be as unrelated as one thinks. This is because the power of love is inexplicably rich and mysterious. The energy a strong romantic bond has, is well-nigh immeasurable. One cannot put a number to it.

And here, extending the thread we are considering soulmates, two souls that are literally bound by forces that are beyond comprehension.

The love between two such partners is beyond parallel. And the sex in the two soul partners is karmic: that is it is something that helps the serpent of Yogic energy, also called Kundalini rise via the spinal column towards the brain.

If the two partners can meet the tribulations of real life, their combined energies can quite literally make them divine in reason, power and emotion.

Their combined spirituality will not only enrich their lives but also of all others they are in contact with in the world.

So people: if you happen to be in love with someone who you think is someone tailor made for you, and if you feel equally loved by them, make sure you never let go.

Your love can actually take you closer to God.


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