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Amplified Energy – Venus, Mercury And Chiron Align, March 4-5th, 2018

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by Tanaaz

On March 4-5th, 2018 three heavenly bodies are going to align at exactly 27 degrees Pisces.

Venus, the planet of love and feminine energy, Mercury, the planet of communication, and Chiron, the asteroid of healing and wound clearing, are all aligning together and shining their influence onto Earth.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, which means it represents completion and wholeness. In numerology, 27 is also a number of completion and endings. This is going to further amplify this energy, and will help us to wrap up and close loose endings from the year gone by.

As we are currently moving through Pisces season, having so many planets in this sign represents a strong need for all of us to think about finding wholeness and oneness with ourselves and our lives.

Under this energy, we are all going to be guided to think about things from a bigger picture point of view. We may be able to see how things have taken shape over the last 12 months, and we may even have revelations about all that has transpired.

Under this energy, it is likely the missing pieces of the puzzle will be put into place, and we will be able to make sense on a higher level of the events passed.

Venus is going to be guiding us to focus on our creativity, and to tune into our feminine power. Mercury is going to be helping us unlock our throat chakra, allowing us to express our truth.

It is through these elements that we will be able to heal, and put any last finishing touches to the journey we have walked so far.

Pisces energy prepares us for the astrological new year, which occurs when the Sun moves into Aries which happens 20-21st March.

From March 2017 onwards, many of us were guided to start fresh, and to create a new chapter in our lives. The planets were really aligned in a way that supported new beginnings and new adventures. Challenges may have also presented themselves, but this was just so we could start fresh and think about recreating our lives from the inside out.

2018 is a more of a building year, but before we can get in to really building what we want, this energy in Pisces is going to be guiding us to take and extract all the lessons, growth opportunities, and hidden blessings from the year passed.

It is time to look at things from a new perspective. It is time to look at your journey in a wholistic way, rather than getting caught up on single events. We are going to be encouraged to look at the whole spectrum of our lives and the journey so far, and see how it can fit in to where we need to be.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in our day to day, that we forget to what is really important. Sometimes, taking a few steps back and looking at things from a bird’s eye point of view can help us to find clarity and see things in a new light.

Life is never black and white, events rarely happen without purpose, and understanding this can sometimes help to facilitate a healing that allows you to release control, release attachment, and move forward.

Everyone has their own journey in this life. Everyone has their own wounds and challenges to overcome. Under this alignment of Venus, Mercury, Chrion, we are going to be able to tap into this energy to heal ourselves, and make peace with any wounds that have been left uncovered.

Through this energy, we can heal ourselves, and find the power that comes through that potential.

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