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If Someone Has Cheated On You, They No Longer Love You

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Many of us had to deal with cheating. We never believed that something like this could happen – or maybe it was our worst fears that came true all of a sudden.

Whatever be the case, when we are cheated upon, things just don’t look the same. We feel terrible – wounded and heartbroken. You feel as if you are not good enough for anyone.

At times, this severe drop in self-esteem, in all our faith in our relationships, lead us to return to our cheater. We have been betrayed, it has caused us a lot of pain, but we still try to justify it. We tell that we love them and love is meant to be full of compromises.

However, we forget that cheaters cheat because of a reason – they do not love you anymore – or rather, they do not love you as much as you love them. You deserve more love; you deserve enough love.

If someone loves you, they would respect you. They would know better than just ruining a commitment that they had promised to withhold. Cheating is not an accident. You have free will – you are not a robot.

You don’t let people randomly waltz into your life and hypnotize you to cheat. It is a deliberate and active step that you take. Being in love is not static. It is mutual and there should be love given as much as it has been received.

If your loved one is not supporting you emotionally or physically, then it is a red flag. You should no longer waste your time on someone like that.

Whenever the love diminishes between people, they tend to show it either by increasing their ‘show’ of love or by becoming aloof. And cheating has nothing to do with you.

It is not because you can’t satisfy your partner. It has to do with them and their disrespect for the relationship.

Cheating is action – action speaks louder than words. You might want people to stop cheating, the fact is they do not do so. However, there are times when we can change how we deal with the situation.

Many people will still love the person who has cheated on them, but that is just enabling them further. Rather, cheating becomes a proof of how much they love you. So, why stay with them when you deserve better?

Relationships are hard work but one thing is clear – your love should be faithful to you as you should be faithful to them. Promises can be broken but this is a promise that is the very foundation of a relationship.

If someone disrespects that, they are disrespecting you. They do not value how you feel about love and relationships. Cheating is just that indicator. Remember, it is all planned, nothing is an accident.

Love is hard, finding love is even harder. But if you find one, make sure it is genuine. Best of luck!

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