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This Is The Dark Side You Hide, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

Each zodiac is a unique combination of virtues, qualities, and peculiarities. Every one of them is special.

However, every one of them also has a side that one needs to be wary of. They may harbor secrets that avid astrology readers may not have an idea of.

However, these descriptions are almost always perfectly true and accessible.


Aries usually avoid prioritizing love as much as possible, even though they are intense lovers. Her foremost concern is herself. She rarely tries to chase down her desires and dreams. Aggression and exaggeration are common markers of this sign. They also tend to assume that others will solve their problems.


If provoked to a certain extent, Taurus can be violent and aggressive unlike any other. They also have an urge to own everything. Inflexibility, obsessive determination, and bordering abstinence are common markers. They can also use people unintentionally for their own gains.


They are someone who never backs down from stating aloud the things that are wrong with everyone else. However, they won’t ever apply it to themselves. They suffer from self-created insecurity, and can also be excessively chatty, scatter-brained, and master manipulators.


This sign is so perpetually full of love, that they ignore their needs to satisfy their loved ones. They also become overprotective and afraid of exposing their own feelings. They hold on to grudges and can be excessively pessimistic.


They hate being controlled. Rather than being selfish, they are best described as obsessive self-lovers. This sign thinks of themselves as kings. They can be demanding, vain, and exaggerated. However, their love and kindness can hide all their faults.


They prioritize love above all else when it comes to finding happiness. They tend to be extremely obsessive and the type to say “Didn’t I Say?” Virgo needs reason and logic before making a decision. They will always seek to follow a controlled path and any surprises can fluster them.


At times, Libra can be too much of a chatterbox. They do not prefer being too close and intimate. Libra often stirs up fights in relationships because it makes them spicy. They can be manipulative, moody, and indecisive as well as need approval.


Scorpios are naturally vain with hypnotic eyes. Its fragile outward appearance hides a volcano inside. They love and hate extremely fiercely. They also tend to be too concerned with values and possess exaggerated opinions. They are usually suspicious, vindictive, possessive, and spiteful.


Sagittarius may be the most outspoken but he is also one of the most uncomfortable people to be around. They love cliques and are usually boastful and overbearing. They can also tend to become rude and irresponsible at times.


This sign knows very well how to go unnoticed. They form their opinions on morals but fail to ever act them out. They are also ambitious and determined, rigid and critical. If a situation won’t benefit them, then they can be heartless and cold.


They do not suit passion at all. They are far too thoughtful and logical for sugary romances. Aquarius are naturally self-centered and are almost obsessed with changing the world. However, they usually do something different from the things they preach.


They are perhaps the most affectionate of all zodiacs. However, it also includes those who love procrastinating. Often, Pisces feels an urge for power, however, they tend to think of themselves as a victim at some point or the other. They fear reality and look for escape routes. They think they are “misunderstood geniuses” and struggle to face the present with certainty.

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