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You Are Not Responsible For Your Wound, But You Are Responsible For Your Healing

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

You may have experienced immense suffering. In the excruciating torment, your soul, heart, and self-worth have been crushed.

You cannot even imagine what it feels like to have dreams and hopes because of the heartbreak. You feel and know that others took advantage of you, used you as much as possible, and then threw you away.

Your heart has been crushed and the world feels upside down. Everything you ever cherished has been taken away. Only trauma remains. Now, the scars from that trauma seem to be a repetitive and permanent reminder of that tremendous pain. However, please know that you are not at fault for any of this misfortune.

You never asked for these things to happen, yet you had to suffer through them. The suffering and agony were completely undeserved. The events were beyond your imagination.

Nevertheless, the reality is that they did take place, and now you have suffered through them. There is only one choice from here on – pick yourself up and keep moving.

Your present is your identity and this is when you should begin moving forwards. As such, you have tried everything to simply forget about that dark past. You have been trying to navigate this murky emotional swamp and reach some sort of stable, dry ground. Keep trying and do not lose sight of your humanity.

There seems to be a humongous obstacle that is keeping you from getting back on track. It’s a foreboding voice that keeps repeating about how nothing can be recovered to what it was. As a result, fear has taken root deep within. You fear your mind and consider it a living hell. You may feel like the rope is about to snap.

The Way Out

However, you can and must move on. The first step to that is confronting the inner demons. You must work on accepting past events. Only then can healing truly begin.

You must understand that pain is one of your parts and it will try to subdue you. However, you have to find the strength to see yourself at that moment and say: “I am broken and lost, BUT I have the resolve to get out of this mess!”

The painful events that you have suffered may have been undeserved. However, it is up to you to begin the healing process. After all, following such destructive experiences, this will be the very least that you can give yourself.

Step out into the immense unknown, knowing that it is full of potential. Confront the terrifying things knowing that they must be dealt with. An exhilarating, new light awaits your life once you manage to work through your agonizing memories.

It is up to you to overcome, evolve, change, and live life to the fullest. Simply waiting for the feelings to go away is not the answer. In fact, it will never happen. Even if it does, you will not find the peace that you seek.

The suffering will only take a more subdued form. After all, our lives are not meant to be perfect and always without harm. There will always be choppy waters paired with tranquil periods.

In life, it is the journey that matters. The interesting thing about life is how it changes, inspires, motivates, but also hurts you. And above all, the most important thing is how you react to these many different events in life. It is up to you to be your hero or play along as the eternal victim.

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