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3 Powerful Crystals That Will Help You Achieve Success

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by Conscious Reminder

Success does not have one definition – it has as many meanings as there are people in the world.

For some, success has a close connection with how fulfilled they feel. Even if they do not have many achievements in the way of career or finances, they can still feel extremely fulfilled.

One can feel like they have succeeded simply by knowing that they tried as best as they could. Things do not need to work out how we might want, but our hearts can still be peaceful after accepting that we gave it all.

Some believe that achieving success depends on our self-belief. Often, a lack of confidence in ourselves can be an obstacle in our way to our inner desires. Crystals are great conduits via which we can find the required drive and confidence. Here are 3 selected crystals that are particularly beneficial to attracting success and achieving happiness.

1. Ruby Fuschite: Inner Balance And Self-Love

This crystal gives us the valuable lesson that we must make our decisions and remain focused on our desired path. Comparing ourselves with other people ends up disconnecting our honest nature from our reality. As such, it blocks our unique talents and gifts from being expressed.

Working with this crystal will be a reminder that our happiness may not be the same as what society says is the best thing for us to do. It is a powerful crystal for the Heart Chakra. Thus, it shows us the direction to self-love while clearing negative patterns of thought.

Its blend of pale green shades and shining purple specks acts as a calming or soothing agent for our minds and senses. As such, it puts us in a balanced state to logically ponder our career and life choices.

2. Fire Agate: Willpower And Strength

This crystal stands for joy, passion, and uplifting energy that aid us in achieving whatever we work hard for. Working with this crystal will instill the courage needed in us to chase after our heart’s desire and overcome all obstacles in the way.

The crystal’s fiery energy encourages setting oneself apart from everyone else. It pushes us to proudly display our unique talents for the world to see. Fire Agate also has powerful properties when it comes to protection and keeps energy vampires and negative aura away.

In some cases, we might have encountered multiple obstacles one after another. As such, we might have ended up doubting our chances of even reaching success. However, this crystal can provide us with the resilience and strength needed to continue our pursuit and keep faith in our abilities. The crystal’s powerful grounding power helps in balancing emotions and connecting us with the calming vibrations of Mother Earth.

3. Sunstone: Confidence And Self-Worth

This crystal carries the message of keeping faith in our abilities and gifts even if there are loved ones backing us. As such, it pushes us to be our personal cheerleaders.

This crystal carries sunshine’s invigorating energy. Similar to how sunshine nourishes saplings and nurtures them into strong plants, our belief in ourselves nurtures our path to success. This crystal instills optimism in us and pushes us to act to achieve success. The crystal’s bright vibe tells us that nothing is impossible.

This crystal is a reminder that all of us have the ambition and confidence necessary to make our dreams a reality. All we have to do is believe in our hearts that we are worthy of the best things in life.

Here is a simple 3-step ritual while working with crystals: Sit down and think about the traits that are keeping you from being successful. Then think of the traits you desire. Write both of them on separate pieces of paper. Then take any one of the 3 crystals in your hand. Clear the mind and feel the crystal’s energy radiate through your entire body. Now, request it to help release the undesired traits and transform them into your desired ones. Finally, transform the paper too by ripping it and letting it float away.

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