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5 Things To Learn From Not Being Loved The Way You Wanted

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by Conscious Reminder

Love is an elusive word, and it teaches one about how the world works in its absence as well as in its presence.

People say that love brings joy and not pain, which is absolutely wrong. There are several lessons one can obtain from it, through its absence.

Let us look at the 5 things you can learn from not being loved the way you need to:

1: Not Everyone Is Going To Do So

People do not have similar definitions of love- it is risky for some, some say it is unkind while others say that it’s scary. Some people even spill the love out of their hearts as they believe that it is their birthright. 

People will never love you completely or in the way you want, so the best thing that you can do is to make peace with it. You need to give yourself what you need before you make it someone else’s priority. 

You should start loving yourself so that you can fill up your whole being. Once you acknowledge this, you can start taking ownership to fill those empty spaces, because happiness lies within yourself.

2: Be Your Own Friend

You, yourself, is the first relationship and that is the foundation that others follow. It will be difficult during hard times, as people try to alienate themselves. You need to acknowledge the needs of your inner child and realize the fact that you need to extend love to your deepest parts.

Your inner child is the main reason why you can learn to nurture yourself, and what you expect from the world. This is exactly how you can meet the inner child’s desires and when people are around, they add to the filled cup.

3: Love Comes From All Directions

Love is found in various forms and manners. You can find love in a stranger or a friend through an act of kindness. Love can also come from the gift of time, which someone lends. Once you see these different types of love, it gives a sweet tune, so you need to start paying attention to what is showing up for you.

4: Learn What Isn’t Love

Love will show you the way how you need to be loved and will sit along with you in those moments to heal your wounds.

One needs to crave nurturing, which is how one learns to be a nurturer and pass it on to others. You can choose the characteristics that you want to adopt and be those things that you need the most. 

Once you learn what isn’t love, you can preach what love actually is.

5: Challenges Are Your Biggest Teachers

Your biggest teachers are your biggest challenges, even if you cannot see them. You would not turn into the person you are at the present if you did not learn those lessons, which revealed your gifts and strengths to you.

Your experiences shape you and it is up to you to decide how that shape forms you.

The lessons you learn help to unlock your potential and make you more of what you are.

Always remember that you are love and you are loved.

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